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At Techidea, we aim to provide our readers quality, up to date and authentic content on various topics that relate to the Multi-Valued Community. We are regularly on the lookout for freelancers and guest writers to contribute to our content. If you have visions, opinions and well-researched content you think would be valuable to our readers.

Your Email Should Include:

  • The Authentic Article based on the legal issues.
  • Your full name.
  • Your head-shot.
  • A 50-word bio (You may include one link to your own website and another one to a referral website like Wikipedia, The Guardian, etc.)
  • You will get one do-follow backlink for your own website.
  • Self-Promoting Contents won’t be accepted.

Why Contribute?

Submitting a guest post is simple! It helps keep your article in front of blog writers, video creators, and photographers. It is also a great way to build your portfolio, become a thought leader, and even attract new customers.

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Your Submission Must:

Use Original Content

The submitted content must be original, you must have the right to use it, and all quotes and extracts must be attributed accurately. Minimum Content size is about 600-700 words.

You can include a link to your website or blog if it is relevant, but your submission content should not include promotional material or be an advertorial. This means no affiliate links either. Remember, this is about helping the creator community.

Be Free of Errors

Please make sure your submission is free of typos and grammatical errors.

Give Permit for Editing

We reserve the right to edit the content to remove typos, grammatical errors, inaccuracies, and to improve the title. Images may also be added or removed from your submission to meet size and style requirements.

Allow Sharing

You must be okay with your article being shared on our blog, as well as on social media and in digital and print projects.

Not Be Used Elsewhere

Please refrain from republishing the content on multiple sites.

Understand Publishing Isn’t Guaranteed

The submission of the content does not guarantee the publishing of content. Techidea reserves the right to deny or take down your content without notice for any kind of violation.

You are most welcome to send us your legal content idea for review by our editorial team, submit via below.

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