Beginners’ Guide to Using MacBook

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So, you have just bought a new MacBook home, and… now what? Where should you start your acquaintance with this beautiful piece of technology? Don’t worry. You are not alone in having those concerns. Most new Mac users have some issues adjusting to the completely different operating system. It will surely take some time and research to learn everything you need about Mac before you can become an experienced Apple user. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it based on trials and errors. We got you! Here is the beginners’ guide to using a MacBook.  

The Dock

Many converted Windows users first get confused about the Dock. It’s not the same as the Windows menu. In fact, the menu bar in Mac will be on the top of the screen. So, what in the world is the bar on the bottom then? Well, this bar is the collection of the apps and programs that you use the most. You get to adjust the Dock to your own taste and liking. The Dock also shows the apps that are open at the moment. Thus, it’s basically your working field where you can see and find everything you may need while using a MacBook. 

The Menu Bar

The menu bar does the same functions as the menu in Windows. However, its appearance, position, and choice of setting can look a bit different from what you are used to. You’ll find a Notification center at the far left angle. There you can check your schedule, control iTunes, check the weather, or see notifications from third-party applications. 

Next to it, on the right, you’ll notice Siri. Now, we know you two may be strangers at this point. Though, befriending Siri and using this function in your everyday tasks can seriously help you. You can ask her anything, from making a call to finding the best college towns in Florida. Overall, it sure can be a productive relationship. 

The rest of the widgets on the menu are pretty standard. When you want to add or remove any widget, click on them, open Preferences, and tick (or untick) Show in the Menu Bar. That’s it. 

Touch ID

If you are a proud owner of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you get to enjoy the Touch ID function on their panels. It’s super easy and very convenient on many occasions. First, you can enter your accounts using only Touch ID. Secondly, you can do online shopping and use Touch ID as your verification method. Thus, you can feel safe that no one else will use your laptop to buy anything. It’s a small addition. Yet, it makes your life a bit easier. 


Finder is exactly what you think it is. This feature allows you to search for any program that you need. However, there is one trick to Finder you better learn right away. You can allow Finder to look for files in your cloud-based applications. Hence, you simply use it to search for absolutely anything you may store in DropBox or other applications. 

The Mac App Store

Of course, we can’t skip the Mac App Store in this guide. This store is your key to the comfortable and efficient use of your new computer. Here, you get to find everything you may need for your work. In fact, a new MacBook won’t feel like it’s fully yours until you finish with its customization. Shopping in the Mac App Store is your final step in this process. However, keep in mind that you need an Apple ID to purchase anything from the store. So, do create one before you set a list of apps for purchase. Also, this is where you will find available Mac operating system updates when they are released. 

Apple Watch Instead of Passwords

So, since you already have a MacBook, perhaps, you should consider getting an Apple Watch, too. There can be many interesting perks to having an Apple Watch on its own. Though, here, we are interested in only one of them. All watch users can unlock their MacBooks automatically. All you need to do is to stay in close proximity to your laptop. Cool, ha? So, you can set a really complex and strong password on your MacBook. Yet, you won’t ever have to type it due to the Auto Unlock function. Thus, you receive both convenience and security. 

To Conclude

As you can see, learning about basic MacBook functions is pretty easy. Sure, the interface and overall system’s structure look rather different at first. Yet, it’s not like you need any outside help to explain to you where things are or how to use them. Give it a few days, show some curiosity, and you’ll be fine. Overall, you have a long journey ahead of you by customizing your laptop and finding all its secret combinations and functions. 

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