How to Find & Exploit Information Gaps in Your Videos?

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Producing high-quality video content serves as an excellent way to reach your target audience. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to drain your resources because you can rely on an online video editor. In fact, you can get started for free when you utilize this digital solution. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or energy when you use this tool.

Remember, you must ensure the video content you’re working on will help you achieve your objectives. You may be wondering how to identify the content and information gaps in your videos that your team should focus on. Finding holes and identifying topics that are missing from your video content strategy means you can churn out better videos.

As a result of identifying information gaps, you can create engaging, fresh, and relevant videos that your audience will surely love. Hence, to help you get started, take a look at these techniques to help you conduct a content gap analysis. By doing them, you can create better video content that captivates the right audience.

Try Assessing Keyword Rankings

You must begin by assessing your own keywords. As a result, you may be surprised to discover through the keywords rank; they do not drive traffic. If your keywords consistently fall and rank behind the first few pages of the search engine results page (SERP), you must revisit your content.

Review your content to see if you employ the best SEO practices. Assess if you have a good thumbnail for your videos. Check if you’ve got a catchy title that draws clicks. Do you have an intro video that creates consistent branding? You can use your online video editor to create these elements. When you optimize these elements, you can expect the following:

  • Identify new opportunities
  • Improve SEO
  • Build credibility
  • Attract more leads
  • Increase click-throughs
  • Boost conversion rates

Fill in Gaps with Keyword Research

Apart from working hard to improve your content itself by leveraging templates and features of an online video editor, identify gaps or topics on where to create new video materials. You must begin by looking at your own data. From there, research keywords that drive traffic and conversation. Doing so allows you to find new, trendy topics to focus on.

These topics may include long-tail keywords just like the ones you’ve had success with in the past. Also, it can contain new themes that may surprise you. Therefore, when you make use of data from keyword research tools, you can expand your content by leaps and bounds. As a result, you can:

  • Identify new topics that resonate with your target market.
  • Optimize your online video editor for max results.
  • Spruce up videos with lead magnets or incentives that amplify conversions.
  • Discover new niches that have yet to be uncovered by competition.
  • Boost website traffic for more leads.
  • Meet your target audience’s needs with better video materials.
  • Improve your brand’s search visibility.
improve your content research
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Conduct a Thorough Competitor Analysis

The saying, “keep your friends close but your enemy closer!” This holds true even in business. If you want to improve your videos and maximize your online video editor, get to know your competition. With competitor analysis, you can examine keywords and video strategies to find out what’s working. Apart from providing new content opportunities that drive success, you can capture traffic shares from those competitors, too.

More importantly, it will save you resources because you can assess what’s working and what’s not doing any good. Thus, when you learn from your competition, you can find inspiration and a well-spring of ideas. Just make sure you assess the keywords and topics you want to use for your brand to ensure they show high intent and the best results that fill your purpose.

Map the Customer Journey

As a brand, you must start with goals and hold a thorough understanding of your target audience. From there, you can map out the buyer’s journey of your customers. What will they do from the start of the awareness stage to the end until they decide to buy from you and support your business? Assess if you have videos for each stage of this journey. Take a look at the following:

  • Assess if you have great content for the awareness stage. Do you have videos in your emails, social posts, and videos paired with informative blog posts
  • Evaluate if you have materials that show what you offer. Did you use your online video editor to create social posts, reviews, explainers, how-tos, and case studies?
  • Check if you have content that converts leads into actual customers during the decision stage. Do you have videos that show pricing, comparisons, service or product demos, and information topics on how to purchase?
  • Analyze if you have the loyalty stage covered for returning clients and look for more value. For best results, send them emails with cool videos that contain promotions.

The point of doing all of this is to ensure you engage your customers. From there, they can help you spread the word. Thus, you must give them what they’re looking for at every stage so they can seamlessly move from one step to the next.

Market Research
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Perform Market Research

  • Finally, if you truly want to improve any information gaps, you must conduct market research. You can try the following:
  • Interview potential clients
  • Take a survey from current clients
  • Ask feedback from industry experts
  • Seek guidance from network partners

Firstly, ask hard-hitting questions that ask them to describe their pain points. Through this, you can find solutions that solve their problems. Secondly, be direct and ask them what information they’re seeking. Thirdly, discover what they find bothersome and irritating. Finally, find out what concerns they have and which they believe are most helpful to address the issues.

Parting Words on Online Video Editor

When you get answers to these questions, you can better understand what your audience needs. Moreover, feedback assures you will understand how leads and even existing clients genuinely find your products or services. As a result, you can utilize your online video editor and develop fresh content ideas that provide the best engagement because you can address their concerns more efficiently.

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