Things to Remember when Looking for Inbound Marketing Jobs

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Inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting your ideal customers by staying in touch with them from the first time they know about your brand until they become loyal customers. Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy that has become the go-to method for many brands because it costs less and brings in better returns than the outbound type.

If you are looking for a job in this popular marketing field, check out various job portals and apply for the one that matches your skillset and your preferred location. Inbound marketing jobs are high in demand, and you can earn a lump sum right from the entry stage. These jobs typically do not require employees to work beyond their regular working hours. The employees can also choose to work remotely in this field.

As a professional in this field of work, you need to connect with people with an innovative approach and draw in those interested in buying the products or services. It is important to also ensure that the strategies you implement do not annoy the customers.

Being an inbound marketer is about getting customers to come to you instead of interrupting their lives with intrusive advertising. If you believe you have the caliber to make a successful career in this field, here are three key points to remember when looking for highly-paying inbound marketing jobs.

1. The Demand For T Marketers Is Increasing Rapidly

Content marketing has grown by over one hundred and seventy percent in the last two years. However, what do you mean by a T-shaped marketer? It is someone who has a broad understanding of many skills and has mastered one or two.

As per recent research, it was found that generally, the skillset of a digital marketing professional can be divided into six skills, namely, SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Google analytics. To get hired at some of the most common job titles in this field, you must have a decent knowledge of all these six skills. To scale up your position, you must have in-depth knowledge of at least one of the six skills.

2. Work Experience In Content Marketing Field

In the last two years, content marketing has grown by more than one hundred and seventy percent. It will help if you have some prior work experience in the content marketing field. The following reports were also found after a closer look:

  • Social media” had the highest growth. It was in more than three million profiles, which means it was the most popular.
  • “Inbound marketing” grew at the second highest rate, but it was used in two hundred percent lesser profiles than “Search Engine Optimization,” which grew the least.
  • “Content marketing” and “inbound marketing” were the only two skills that didn’t appear on more than one million profiles.

Not many people have mastered content marketing, and thus possessing deep knowledge in this field will pay off in the long run.

3. Search Engine Optimization Specialization

Recent research found that the number of inbound marketing jobs that used the word “SEO” reached its highest point in 2013 and had dropped by more than fifty per cent by January 2016.

Even though the number of job titles that include “Search Engine Optimization” has gone down, it is still one of the best-paid skills. The average salary for a job with the title “Search Engine Optimization” is more than a hundred thousand dollars per year. This is nearly seventy per cent more than a job focusing on social media efforts pays. 

Final Word

This is all you must know about inbound marketing and the latest trends in the field. Remember that brands want to build T-shaped teams to get the best results. Businesses need marketers with a wide range of skills and an understanding of how specific strategies like SEO and content marketing fit into a bigger picture and affect the bottom line.

Make sure to have a certain level of knowledge of all six skills. It will help you bag your favourite job and reach great heights.




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