The Pros and Cons of Semi-trailer Truck Collision Lawyer

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You are eligible for a truck accident lawyer if you have been in a truck collision. The right lawyer will fight for you and protect your rights, so you earn the maximum compensation you deserve. However, that is easier said than done. 

Advantages of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

Challenges in Assigning Liability

When it comes to truck accidents, many can be held reliable in unfortunate collisions. There is only a single party responsible for the car accident, and it happens more often than you think. However, a truck accident affects the truck driver, the truck company, and sometimes the truck maker. Since third-party employment agencies usually hire drivers, the matter gets complicated very quickly.

We do not expect you to understand how all or a few parties are responsible. However, we do expect the opposite from the truck accident you hired to protect your interest. The lawyer must be aware of the regulations, compensation calculations, and the rights of every party involved. Aside from this, are you looking for Wholesale Distributor Insurance, you can take help from Google. 

Negotiating with Multiple Parties

As we mentioned the numerous parties involved, handling and communicating with everyone is not so easy. A truck accident lawyer communicates with all the parties efficiently and maintains a proper record of who they have talked to. Proper compensation is decided by involving all the parties.

It is not easy to negotiate when a single party stays out of the loop. It might create grievances and further complicate the matter. The challenge can be prevented by simply inviting everyone or their representative to the table and negotiating a unanimously acceptable settlement.

Building a Legal Strategy

You need an expert lawyer to lay down a strategy to recover the damages experienced by the injured. The same lawyer is also an expert in providing mediation and arbitration services if the parties decide to settle outside of court. 

An experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in St. Louis, MO, can deduce the route to take to increase the chances for the injured part to be appropriately compensated. The decision is taken based on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each option involved. The lawyers never take any action that may harm their stance and dent the client’s reputation. They will also ask for second opinions if necessary from their legal network.

Fault Law

In a few states, the damages cannot be recovered if the part is responsible for more than 50 percent of the accident. The law also applies to insurance companies, adjusters and determining the compensation involved in the case.

In most cases, the percentage of damages caused reduces the settlement offer proportionately. The concept is based on fair justice. For example, if the lawyer’s party were responsible for 20 percent of the damages, the compensation figure would be reduced by 20 percent. The final insurance is net of the damages caused by the injured.

Trucking Industry Rules and Regulations

The trucking drivers, employment agencies, and trucking companies must follow the regulations provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The rulebook carries numerous particulars involving weight, drivers’ protection rules, driving hours. You would be surprised to know most commercial and non-commercial lawyers are unaware of these requirements.

The first task your lawyer will do is determine which rules and regulations have been violated. The degree of violation will factor in the compensation calculation. It may even be the cause of the accident. Such evidence is crucial to bringing justice to the wrong and determining and assigning liability instead of playing a blame game in the court.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

We can be sure the insurance company has harassed you on your way to the first truck lawyer meeting. We can only imagine the tough time you have been facing answering their calls and reading their emails. When you hire a truck accident lawyer, he will take charge of negotiating with the insurance company.

These lawyers know the loopholes and techniques when employed will convince the insurance companies to back off. The lawyers will deal with every phone call or email. It’s their job since they do it every day.

Legal Advice

The lawyer will guide you into achieving success as a claimant from the insurance company. Your probability just increased manifolds to receive just compensation the moment you hired the lawyer.

When presented with complicated scenarios such as a truck collision, chances are you need the proper legal assistance. We may assume we know everything. The truth is none of us know anything about the legal system or how it works. Therefore, we hire experts called lawyers to assist us in getting our help and safeguarding our interests.

The most helpful advantage is you find a confidant. Consider the lawyer as an acquaintance who will not go away or abandon you until the matter is settled. He is the expert voice guiding you and leading you. 

Helping Understand Rights as a Claimant

When you decide to claim your losses, loss of income, or unjust treatment, you become the claimant in the legal language. The lawyers are well aware of the rights and duties of the claimant since they studied it in school and then years of practice as a lawyer later on.

You can attempt to negotiate with the insurance company alone, but the truth is, it is just not possible. You will be unsuccessful and helpless, facing their misrepresented and shrewd tactics regarding low settlement offers. Truck lawyers will step in with the necessary knowledge to ensure you receive the proper compensation you deserve. 

Disadvantages of Truck Accident Lawyers

The injuries resulting from a severe truck accident are mostly long-term, so you could imagine there are few challenges regarding a personal injury claim.

Collecting Evidence

Truck accident lawyers usually have a difficult time gathering evidence from the trucking company and its drivers. It is primarily because of the close association of the two parties who are protecting their interest. These trucks move objects, materials, and perishable goods. Therefore, they need the damages to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid transportation lag. 

The factors result in challenges in retrieving accident photographs. The accident-related parts are usually disposed of somewhat, so the negligence cannot be proven.

Truck companies do protect evidence to preserve their commercial activities and integrity as a business. However, they may do more without realizing it. The accidental or intentional manipulation or disposing of evidence removes any chances of compensation receivable by the injured party.

Federal and State Laws

The lawyers must also have the knowledge to comprehend state and federal laws applicable to truck accidents. Such sorts of accidents come under commercial use and businesses, which are separate from civil cases. The house and congress have created specific laws to protect drivers on the road, so it could be challenging to present an otherwise narrative.

Such laws include:

  • The number of hours in a single driver shift
  • Truck maintenance
  • Road mileage.

A truck accident lawyer will search for incompliances to present how their client was wronged during a truck accident.


Lastly, it is complicated to determine where the liability lies. Assuming the accident took place if the driver was distracted on his phone. In that case, the liable party is the mobile phone provider. Suppose he confesses because he talked to the dispatcher or his boss told him to check an urgent email. In that case, the reveal will hold two more parties liable.

If the pattern continues, more and more parties would be introduced to the case, which would distract the court from awarding compensation for the injuries and damages sustained. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do lawyers search for in a truck accident?

  • Experience in handling claims regarding truck accident
  • Previous client reviews
  • Truck accident testimonials
  • Trials
  • Willingness to settle

What are the responsibilities of the truck lawyer accident?

A truck lawyer will prove liability, retrieve evidence, interview, present witnesses, and negotiate a fair settlement offer.

Are most truck drivers aggressive?

The truckers are mostly aggressive because of inertia. Trucks slow down or speed up a lot slower than cars. It is also a challenge to switch lanes.

Are there other fees involved in the truck accident cases?

There are contingency fees involved in the lawyer fees. You may also need to account for court fees and investigation fees.

How does a lawyer determine the faulty party in a truck accident?

The liability is based on witness testimonies, accident scenes, and evidence collection. Other factors include:

  • The training and hiring of a driver
  • The number of hours the driver was on the road
  • The condition and maintenance of the truck

Why not accept the first settlement offer?

The first offer is usually very low compared to what you deserve. Truck accidents are very life-altering, and the injured party may end up with a disability.

Hire truck accident lawyer today

As you have read, there are a lot more advantages than hiring a truck accident lawyer. Instead of underestimating their capabilities, cooperate with the lawyers as they aim to win the case. 


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