5 Best Free VPNs for Laptop on Windows & Mac

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Finding the best free VPN for laptop is a typical problem. This is because utilizing a VPN gives you a sense of online anonymity and allows you to surf freely without fear of being tracked. Several platforms now provide VPN services, but determining which one is the most dependable may be challenging. VPN may be useful, especially while utilizing public Wi-Fi networks, because your online activities will be concealed from prying eyes. You may also utilize VPN services on a laptop if you’re concerned about the security of a Wi-Fi network. Despite the fact that you are considerably secure at home, you should still utilize VPN services because your network provider is not always trustworthy. This is why it is critical to choose a free VPN for your laptop. There are five distinct VPN companies that are frequently used on both Windows and Mac laptops.

Although all VPN service providers fundamentally utilize the same technology, some give superior plans that allow you to save money. The service may also differ in terms of duration, server type and quantity, and VPN efficiency. Everyone should take internet security seriously, which is why you should compare several VPN solutions before deciding on one. Because VPNs function differently on Mac and Windows computers, all VPN services have been thoroughly tested. Following that, the best free VPN for Windows choices are mentioned, together with their major features and advantages and disadvantages.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is by far the most popular VPN service among Windows users. The service is known for its flexibility and large selection of plans. ExpressVPN is a great choice for people who want fast connections and dependable service. The software allows you to watch Netflix anonymously or through servers located in other countries. As a result, you’ll have access to a broader selection of Netflix movies and programs. However, ExpressVPN is only compatible with Windows and may be slower on Mac laptops. Furthermore, you can only connect to five servers at a time, and ExpressVPN has a restriction after that.


  1. NordVPN

NordVPN is on par with ExpressVPN, and the two are often regarded as the best VPN services available. One feature that distinguishes NordVPN from the competition is its continually changing code, which ensures that the software is always up to date. The software is ideal for both torrenting and Netflix surfing. NordVPN is also renowned for its low-cost plans and membership costs for VPN free for laptop, allowing you to view and browse your preferred material while saving money. Split-tunneling is not supported by the app.


  1. iTop VPN

In comparison to most VPN services on the market, iTop VPN has excellent reviews and a reasonably good performance. Users appreciate the app’s ability to hold up to five simultaneous connections. It also offers high download rates, so you won’t have to sacrifice time in exchange for Internet security. Furthermore, iTop VPN for Windows delivers excellent customer support, which is why they have received such great feedback. Torrenting and Netflix are both supported by the app. It ensures that your IP address is always monitored, and you may use the same account across all of your devices. Because of its no-logging policy and global proxy servers, iTop VPN is better.

What if you’re surfing the web on a laptop with a Mac operating system? VPN is the safest approach to protect your online privacy. In addition, the following two free VPN for Mac come highly recommended.


  1. Surfshark

Because to its quick speeds and unique features, Surfshark is popular among Mac users. The software allows you to connect to an infinite number of devices, allowing you to use the same account on all of them. Surfshark also offers round-the-clock customer service and live chat options for communicating your issues. If you subscribe to Surfshark, you’ll get access to over 30 Netflix libraries. Your advertisements will be banned as well, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free Internet browsing experience. Surfshark offers the finest VPN for laptops for free, and their rates are very reasonable.


  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is regarded as the fastest VPN for Mac users, and it is also available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Several streaming websites, including Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, and iPlayer, may be unblocked with the software. Hotspot Shield offers a 30-day trial, making it the best VPN for laptops. The program can handle a huge number of servers, up to a thousand at a time. However, you can only connect Hotspot Shield to a maximum of 5 devices. The software is really easy to use and navigate.

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