Everything You Need to Know About the 855 Area Code

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A location-based area code isn’t necessarily desirable if you service consumers throughout the United States and Canada. A New Yorker, for example, is unlikely to dial a Vancouver number if they can contact a similar brand without incurring long-distance expenses. Even a San Francisco phone number might make your company seem a planet away. However, with an 855 area code, your location will no longer be a hindrance.

855 numbers, like remote teams and VoIP phones, are not attached to any specific city. It has the potential to draw people from all over North America. In this article, we’ll define the 855 area code and its benefits, then show you how to secure an 855 number for your business.

What is an 855 Area Code Number?

An 855 number is a toll-free number, which implies that dialing it is free and not attached to a specific location. Businesses can promote the 855 area code for clients to call without paying long-distance charges because it is a toll-free number. These numbers can be an excellent approach to increasing calls without incurring additional costs or building a single phone number that serves customers in multiple areas.

Furthermore, 855 numbers are easy to remember and not limited to any particular location, so businesses nationwide may use them. These numbers are available to people in all 20 North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries, including the United States and its territories, Canada, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and others. Some companies utilize 855 numbers as their primary customer care phone number, while others only use it as a backup or for specific campaigns.

Establishing an 855 area code can be a significant asset for any organization, regardless of how it is used. Toll-free numbers are projected to become more popular as the worldwide market expands. Businesses wishing to stay ahead of the competition should consider adopting an 855 number to improve customer service and reach new markets. The availability of 855 numbers makes it simple and inexpensive to begin started.

What does Area Code 855 Mean?

The majority of area codes are assigned to a single city. The area code 855, on the other hand, is unique. Rather than being associated with a specific city, 855 is a toll-free area code that callers in the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories can use. Because there is no method to determine the caller’s location, you must utilize an online tool such as a reverse phone book or the Some database to determine who calls from an 855 area code.

What Services Does Area Code 855 Offer?

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Because users will not be charged when phoning specific services, some businesses have elected to use toll-free lines in the 855 area code. Most of these services will be free because the corporations that provide them do not profit from them.

The 855 toll-free number service enables businesses to select an 855 area code phone number and assign it to their company or service. This is a great approach for someone looking for information to quickly and easily find it. Using such numbers has enabled businesses of various sizes to compete with one another since, regardless of who they are, if their phone number finishes with 800 or 888 rather than 855, they will be charged for the call.

Benefits of Getting an 855 Toll-Free Phone Number

According to studies, customers are likelier to trust firms that use toll-free numbers. They are also more likely to recall these figures. As a result, organizations that use 855 numbers tend to have higher levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they receive more calls overall since clients are more willing to call if they know it will not cost them anything.

Here are a few other benefits of establishing an 855 number:

Attract a Larger Customer Base

Local numbers can help you attract customers in a certain geographic area, while toll-free numbers can help you reach a far larger customer base. Your caller ID will not indicate that you only operate in one city. Instead, toll-free numbers demonstrate to potential customers that you are prepared to serve clients across North America.

An 855 area code might make your company appear larger – even if you’re a one-person operation. As you begin to pursue customers abroad, your number can assist you in establishing the reputation of a full-fledged worldwide firm.

Furthermore, if you provide a 24/7 sales or customer support line, a toll-free number reassures customers that they do not need to consider time zones before calling.

An Increase in Customer Confidence

Toll-free numbers with the 855 prefix are often used by established firms that care about their brand. As a result, having an 855 number can assist in boosting client trust.

An 855 number widely placed on your website and marketing materials communicate to customers that you are a competent, reliable company they can rely on.

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Ability to Have Multiple Lines and Extensions

You can add extra lines and extensions when you set up an 855 number for your company. This is useful if you require a dedicated customer service line or need to route calls to different departments inside your firm.

You may also use extensions to build a virtual workplace, which is useful if you have workers who work from home or travel regularly. Customers can reach someone at your firm no matter where they are in this manner. Finally, you can save money by not renting or maintaining real office space.

Each extension can ring directly to a specific phone number, ensuring that calls are always routed to the correct person. Adding new lines and extensions is straightforward and inexpensive because 855 numbers may be utilized with VoIP systems.

So, if you want to streamline your company’s phone system, an 855 number with additional lines and extensions could be ideal.

Make your Phone Number Memorable

Local phone numbers are rarely memorable, but toll-free numbers can stay in your head for days – catchy jingles are optional.

You don’t simply get to choose a distinctive string of numbers when you receive a toll-free number. You can also select a vanity number, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. This can help you brand your company so that people remember how to contact you even if they don’t immediately contact you.

While 800 and 888 numbers — the original toll-free area codes — have fewer alternatives due to their popularity, when you choose an 855 area code, you can choose from a vast selection of phone number options.

A Nationwide Presence

An 855 number makes a company appear larger than it is, offering them an appearance of refinement and success. In some cases, clients may be more willing to conduct business with a company they believe has a national presence.

Customers outside the area may hesitate to call if a business just has a local number because they feel the business does not service their area. It also creates a negative picture of the organization by implying that getting a toll-free number is unimportant.

Overall, employing an 855 number is a wise approach for businesses to improve their image and reach more clients with little work and expenditure.

Why Choose the 855 Area Code Phone Number?

Callers from the United States and Canada frequently dial the 855 area code. The primary rationale for adopting a toll-free phone number is to attract more target audiences because callers can contact the company for free.

Businesses commonly use toll-free numbers for customer service and sales. These numbers are relatively inexpensive and simple for callers to remember. It is particularly effective at displaying adverts.

You can receive a memorable vanity phone number that stands out. For example, if you sell mobile phones, you may change your toll-free number to 1-855-MOBILE so your customers can call you. People can call you if they can decode your phone number, which is 1-855-662453.

How to Get an 855 Toll-Free Number?

Obtaining a toll-free number for a business might be beneficial. This helps you establish your business and build rapport with your customers. The call is charged to the recipient rather than the caller, so your customer does not have to think twice before phoning a business.

The Toll-Free number also allows the company to receive more calls, analyze where most calls come from, and make business decisions. The FCC regulates toll-free numbers (Federal Communications Commission).

The Responsible Organization (RespOrgs) filters the area codes through action before assigning them. It’s mostly first come, first served. If a specific area code is available, you can purchase it in the auction.

Tips for Choosing the Best 855 Area Code Numbers

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Choosing an area code randomly is not the best strategy for setting up your company phone number. Before you choose the best toll-free phone numbers, you should know a few things.

  • Choose a virtual phone number service with positive reviews and comments from customers. It should also include the toll-free area code you require.
  • Customize the area code phone number to represent your company precisely. The audience should be able to simply tell what kind of business you run by looking at your phone number.
  • Check that the toll-free phone number offers all the calling features and services required for business communication.
  • Choose a phone number that offers call service, SMS service, or both. Pricing varies according to the service you select.
  • The toll-free phone number should be memorable. It should distinguish you from your competitors.

How is the 855 Area Code Different from Other Area Codes? 

Most area codes are associated with various geographical areas. For example, Washington DC’s area code is 212; Las Vegas is 702, New York City has 19 area codes, and so on. The area code 855 is not associated with any specific location.

If you receive a call with the area code 855, it could have originated anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean. Toll-free numbers don’t give much information about their location. Corporate organizations often hold these numbers and utilize them for marketing and customer service.

Should I Answer Calls from the 855 Area Code?

There’s a chance it’s an important call you should answer, but it might also be a spam call. Make a list of 855 numbers that commonly call to avoid receiving surprise 855 calls. Even if these are scam calls, you should store them in your phone’s contacts.

If a real company attempts to contact you, they are more likely than a fraudster to leave you a voicemail. To avoid getting charged for toll-free phone calls, you should contact your phone company and inquire about the rate for toll-free numbers.

For toll-free calls, the phone company should be able to provide a price estimate. If your phone carrier charges for toll-free calls, taking the call will result in a charge being applied to your account after the billing period.

Are 855 Numbers Allowed to Call You?

In general, an 855 number can contact you. The laws governing telemarketing and solicitation differ from state to state.

Illinois and California, for example, have more stringent phone solicitation laws. Regardless, most circumstances enable 855 numbers to call you even if you don’t want them to.

Is the 855 Area Code Legit or Scam?

Understanding that this area code is not a hoax is critical, but that does not mean you will not receive spam calls from other numbers. Scammers have evolved a method of trapping victims by dialing several country numbers.

You should not be concerned if you receive a code for this number because it is legitimate. However, it would be best to exercise caution when gathering information online. Never, ever provide someone with information about your credit card.

Banks or other financial institutions would never request such information from you. You cannot know whether a call from the 855 area code is legitimate or fraudulent.

Types of 855 Calls and How to Find Out Who Is Calling

For various reasons, you may receive calls from the 855 area code. Many legal businesses use the 855 toll-free number as a prefix. Like any other phone number, it can be used by spammers and scammers to distribute robo calls or engage in misleading acts. For example, a frequent sort of toll-free call uses a recorded message or automated voice (i.e., a machine or computer instead of a live operator). Another popular example is a “ringless voicemail robocall,” in which a voicemail is left without your phone ringing or receiving a missed call.

To determine who is contacting you from an 855 number and whether it is authentic, record the number in your caller ID and then conduct a Google search to locate the firm or individual responsible.

Can I Send a Text to an 855 Number? 

Customers can contact a company’s sales, marketing, or support team for free by dialing 855. With texting becoming the norm for communication, phone numbers with the 855 area code are sometimes text-enabled.

In some cases, you can send a text message to that number. The company can also respond to your text.

What Would Happen if I Called an 855 Number Back?

If you call a toll-free number back, ensure you recognize the firm or business calling you. Before calling them, confirm with them that they still want to be contacted by going to their website or other means. This way, you’ll avoid falling for fraud and such nonsense.

Also, don’t forget to contact your service provider! These scammers are quite good at impersonating businesses. Therefore, they must look into this for you. It can’t hurt to double-check these items, right? You can also report the occurrence to your service provider, which will help anyone who may fall victim to this scam.

How to Block Unwanted Calls from the 855 Numbers?

If spam callers continue to disturb you, go to the FCC’s website and add your phone number to their “Do Not Call” registry. This is done to avoid unwanted calls from telemarketers.

If you wish to ban unsolicited calls from 855 numbers on your smartphone, follow these instructions.

For iPhone Users 

  • Navigate to the Recent Calls menu.
  • To block a number, click the circular I next to it.
  • Choose More information.
  • Select Block this number, then confirm.

For Android Users 

  • Navigate to Recent Calls.
  • Select Details after clicking on the number you want to block.
  • Select a block number and then confirm.

But keep one thing in mind. These methods will only prevent a specific number from being blocked. Other numbers will continue to call you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check some commonly asked questions about the 855 Area Code.

What time zone is 855?

The 855 toll-free prefix can originate anywhere in the United States and spans various time zones, from Pacific Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time.

What city is area code 855 in?

855 numbers, like remote teams and VoIP phones, are not attached to any specific city. It has the potential to draw people from all over North America.

Does the number 855 look suspicious?

It all depends. Many consider 855 phone numbers to be business or something more professional than a local number. However, because businesses sometimes call these phone lines too frequently, some individuals have classified them as spam.

Which countries use the area code 855?

855 is a toll-free area code used in North America, including the United States and Canada. The FCC assigns the number (Federal Communications Commission) following the NANP (North America Numbering Plan).

Is the 855 area code a toll-free number?

The area code 855 is a toll-free number. It is commonly used in North America and other members of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

Is there any difference between 800, 855, 877, and other area codes?

Not. They are all toll-free extensions generally utilized in the United States and Canada. However, calling different extensions may lead you to different businesses or people.

Are 855 numbers fake? 

No, 855 numbers are not fictitious. The Federal Communications Commission issues them (FCC). However, you may receive fraudulent calls from these numbers.

How much does an 855 toll-free number cost?

The cost of an 855 toll-free phone number varies depending on the virtual phone number supplier. In general, the cost of these numbers ranges from USD 1 to USD 15.

What is the difference between 800 and 855 numbers?

Both the 855 and 800 numbers are toll-free. The various prefixes have no meaningful relevance; they were introduced at different times. Both are completely free of charge!

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