Adobe Unveils Major AI Image Generation Updates Across Products

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On Tuesday, Adobe revealed major updates to AI image generation capabilities across several products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express.

The updates introduce three new models – Firefly 2, Firefly Design, and Firefly Vector – building on its previous offerings with new functions and Adobe’s first text-to-vector AI generator.

Enhanced Image Quality and Control with Firefly 2

Firefly Image 2 improves on Adobe’s original Firefly text-to-image model with higher quality output focused on elements like skin and foliage. It also enables AI-powered editing to adjust depth of field, motion blur, and more.

A new Prompt Guidance feature helps refine text prompts, and can autocomplete them for efficiency. Users can also match generated content’s style to specific images.

Firefly Vector: Adobe’s First Text-to-Vector Generator

Adobe also launched Firefly models for Illustrator that create editable vector graphics from text prompts – a first for Adobe. Vectors store images as formulas, enabling infinite scaling without quality loss.

The vector model is now available in Illustrator through Creative Cloud, bringing AI image generation to a hugely popular vector editing app.

Firefly Design Focuses on Customizable Templates

Meanwhile, Express gained a Firefly Design model focusing on generating adaptable templates for various media from text prompts. Adobe calls it “text to template” instead of “text to image.”

Pushing AI Art Mainstream While Addressing Concerns

Adobe’s updates come as competitors have rapidly improved their AI image synthesis tools since DALL-E 2’s launch. Adobe aims to bring the technology into the mainstream.

It has introduced initiatives around ethics, attribution, and content moderation. But unresolved issues remain around copyright and replacing artists. Still, Adobe continues its AI rollout while working on those concerns.

The new Firefly 2 and Vector models are in beta testing. Firefly Design is available in Express. Adobe is baking generative AI deeper into its creative software.

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