Blood Pressure Monitoring and Sleep Apnea Detection Coming to Next Apple Watch

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Scheduled for release in 2024, the upcoming Apple Watch is rumored to include innovative new sensors and capabilities that could make it a game-changing health monitoring device. Apple is reportedly developing advanced blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and other features that would significantly expand the watch’s health tracking abilities.

Unprecedented Blood Pressure Monitoring

One of the most anticipated additions is a new blood pressure sensor. While the Apple Watch already has heart rate monitoring, this new sensor would specifically detect high blood pressure readings and alert the user. However, it may not display exact systolic and diastolic numbers at first. Rather, it would notify the wearer to follow up with a doctor or use a traditional arm cuff for measurement. Still, this could identify hypertension early and encourage critical treatment. Apple hopes to enable exact numerical blood pressure readouts in a future model.

Life-Saving Sleep Apnea Warnings

Sleep apnea detection could also literally be a lifesaver. The condition, where breathing stops and starts repeatedly in sleep, often goes undiagnosed. By tracking breathing disturbances indicative of sleep apnea, the Apple Watch could detect early symptoms and prompt the user to get examined for this serious sleep disorder. Those diagnosed early can take steps to manage sleep apnea before it leads to further health complications.

Cognitive Health Analysis with VR Headset

Apple’s anticipated VR headset, Vision Pro, may also utilize health tracking in innovative ways. Apple intends for it to have stress-reducing and meditation features for improved mental wellbeing. Its advanced eye-tracking sensors could potentially assess cognitive health too by analyzing the eyes. This could make Vision Pro the first VR system capable of identifying potential neurological issues through ocular changes.

More Than Just Fitness

With these ambitious plans, it is clear Apple envisions its wearables as far more than just fitness trackers. The company aims to bring hospital-grade vital sign monitoring and diagnostics to consumers’ wrists and heads. If executed well, Apple could enable early detection and prevention of countless health conditions, giving users data to extend and improve their lives.

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