Apple Watch NameDrop: What It Is and How to Use It

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With the new Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 introduced this week at Apple’s “Wonderlust” event, it’s safe to say Apple Watch lovers will be well fed this year.

I observed a motif for the software updates the business is bringing to the Apple Watch while viewing the event online. This year, Apple appears to be championing connectivity, with features aimed to let you better connect with your health, your other Apple products, and even the people around you. NameDrop is one of those functionalities.

Here’s everything we know about Apple Watch NameDrop. For further information, see How to Prepare for iOS 17 and How to Download the New Operating System on September 18.

What Exactly Is Namedrop?

NameDrop is a new way for Apple Watch users to transmit contact information via a simple and discreet wrist movement. NameDrop functions similarly to AirDrop in terms of swiftly sharing a file or sending a snapshot. Gone are the days when you had to type phone numbers or hand over your phone so someone could enter their number into your contacts.

Apple demonstrated two people placing their Apple Watches near each other to exchange contact information during its event. Apple claims that the new S9 chip enables this.

How Do I Obtain Namedrop?

Despite the fact that the functionality was introduced as part of WatchOS 10, Apple’s breakdown of both WatchOS 10 and iOS 17 says that NameDrop will be coming to Apple Watch “later this year.”

As a result, it does not appear that Watch users will be able to use NameDrop just yet. However, it is still a good idea to update your watch to WatchOS 10 so that you are ready to get the NameDrop update as soon as it becomes available.

Can I Utilize Namedrop if I Don’t Have an Apple Watch?

If you have an iPhone and want to join in on the NameDrop fun, you’re in luck. NameDrop will be available in Apple’s iOS 17, which will be released on Monday, September 18. So, if you have an iPhone running iOS 17, you’ll be able to use NameDrop to instantly swap contacts with another iPhone running iOS 17 – and, once available, with Apple Watch users.

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How does NameDrop Work?

Apple has been tight-lipped on NameDrop, but the firm says it is a “new AirDrop experience” in which “a user can hold their iPhone near another to share their contact information with only their intended recipient.” Apple also stated that users will be able to control what information is transmitted using NameDrop.

NameDrop will also be available to watch users by clicking the My Card watch face complication and then bringing their Apple Watch face to face with someone else’s Apple Watch, according to Apple. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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