Must-Have Things for Applying Henna at Home

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Imagine getting healthy, shiny, and smooth hair that too with the tint of color on the strands without any damage. Sounds like a dream? Well, this dream can be turned into reality with the help of Henna which is a natural and extremely safe alternative for coloring your hair. For everyone who has a thing for hair coloring, using Henna dye does not only adds a touch of color to your mane but also enhances the quality of hair. It accelerates hair growth along with treating the hair dandruff and nourishing the strands from within. 

Applying Henna At Home

Applying Henna to hair is quite beneficial. However, doing it yourself can get a little messy. To apply Henna yourself with ease, we are sharing some easy steps that will make sure stain-free and convenient Henna application. Follow this guide to find out what are the things you need to apply Henna rightly. 

Things You Need to Do to Apply Henna Yourself

Prepare the Paste 

Take the packet of any natural Henna Powder and prepare a paste out of it using water. You can also add other ingredients along with it that mainly include mashed banana or yogurt for deep conditioning. Mix the paste well and prepare a thick paste that does not have any lumps. 

Wash Your Hair

Before applying Henna, make sure your hair is clean and dry. If you feel your hair is greasy or oily, then take any mild shampoo and wash your hair and scalp. This will clean your scalp thoroughly removing buildup. Avoid using any conditioner as Henna will not be able to reach the roots properly. 

Use a Hair Brush to Make Sections 

Before applying the Henna, take the Hair Brush and divide your hair into different sections. Brush your hair gently to detangle the hair and to get rid of all the hair knots and frizz. Now take a Tail Comb and make sections. Take one section at a time using the tail of the comb and start applying Henna from the top to the roots.

Wear Gloves While Applying Henna 

Applying Henna with hands can become messy and fingers can get stained. To avoid the hands getting smeared, wear disposable gloves while applying the paste. This will keep your hands clean and also save your clothes from getting stained. 

Wrap your Hair in a Bun 

As you move from one section to other, wrap your hair sections that are already covered in a bun. Secure it with a clip or pin and it will keep the hair in place. 

Perks of Applying Henna in Hair

1. Applying Henna to the hair makes the roots strong and healthy. If your hair has become dull and frizzy, applying Henna for at least a month will bring back life and make it look voluminous, smooth, and shiny. 

2. Grey hair has become quite common these days and applying Henna on the grey strands often helps to color them. It builds a protective layer around the hair making them strong. 

3. There is no better alternative than using Henna to provide deep hair conditioning. It consists of no harsh chemicals, seals the moisture, and straightens the frizzy hair naturally.

4. If you are juggling with dandruff in your hair scalp then applying Henna removes the scalp buildup like flakes and dandruff making it clean and healthy. 


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