Ideas to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

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Happy employees are productive employees. They are also more likely to be loyal to an employer. If you want to build up a staff you can count on to get the job done, you need to show how much your team matters to you. Make your staff feel appreciated to encourage them to stay with you through thick and thin.

Pamper them with Refreshments

Have you ever heard a way to a loved one’s heart is through the stomach? Treating your employees to food on a regular basis is well worth the investment. Consider Friday bagels, donuts, yogurt, and fruit.

Host a catered lunch once a month. Hold an annual banquet to honour your top employees and their achievements. Put on a holiday party with food and beverages. Consider doing a monthly birthday cake or cupcakes. Include a coffee and tea bar in your staff room, a fridge filled with cool water, and put out other packaged snacks. Your generosity will offer you many returns.

Give Your Employees a Well-Deserved Break

Time off is a coveted gift by your employees. Create a system that honors staff members who are punctual and have excellent attendance. You might offer them a three-day weekend at the end of the month. Hand out random half days.

Be flexible when your dependable staff members need to come in late or leave early for an appointment or special occasion. An extra week off could be a special reward for employees who go above and beyond their job responsibilities. You can either award breaks from work as a complete surprise or create a reward system that will motivate your staff.

Publicly Recognize Your Staff

Your employees need to know they matter to you. You can recognize them on social media, on a digital sign outside your building, with a preferred parking space, or with an employee of the month posting on the wall. Custom plaques are another great way to highlight excellence in your business. You can hang them in a prominent area at the office. Send plaques home for employees to be reminded how much they are valued when they are off the clock.

Make Wellness a Priority

Your staff’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being should be at the top of your list. Consider putting in a fitness centre or providing your employees with access to a local gym at a discount. Host a wellness day once a month that brings in a masseuse or a stylist. Create a space in your office where employees can meditate or listen to soothing music.

Your break room should be spacious and designed for comfort. Purchase furniture that is ergonomically correct. Pay attention to your lighting and interior paint to create a soothing ambience. You should have plenty of windows for natural light. Don’t skimp on break times and lunch. Giving your staff an opportunity to revive and refresh will help them to give your company their best when they are working.

Send Your Top Staff to Training at Resorts

A staff that excels is always learning. You can create opportunities for your team to grow professionally with training opportunities. Send them to locations that will be like a resort when their work is done. They won’t ever forget the experience. It will inspire them to continue to put in their best efforts. Their reviews could boost performance for others who want to come along the next time around.

Don’t Forget Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a great time to unwind. Pick one day a month when you and your staff can stop in a local favourite to celebrate the end of the work week. You will build camaraderie with your team when you share a drink. Make a toast to your employees at the opening. Say goodbye warmly before you leave. The little details matter.

Your staff is the grease that keeps the wheels of your company turning. Your appreciation will keep it running smoothly. Try different tips to show your appreciation. Stick with the options that have the best results. You can always be spontaneous from time to time to keep them happy. Their contentment will reflect on you.

Author- Steven C. Axelson


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