A Complete Guide to Finding the Best-paying Ad Networks

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Online advertising and marketing are a billion-dollar industry. Ad networks play a vital role when you place digital ads online. They act as the bridge for advertisers and publishers to generate maximum profit.

Finding the best paying ad networks is essential to carve a niche in the digital marketing world. The plethora of choices can leave a first-time marketer overwhelmed.

In this article, you can understand the role of ad networks and the best tips to find the right platform for maximum ROI.

Benefits of Using an Ad Network as a Publisher

According to recent statistics, Google and Facebook hold the largest share of the total digital ad spending in the US.

Adding ad space to your website is an excellent option for generating additional revenue for homes. Here are a few benefits of using ad networks for website owners.

  • Designing and setting up a website is an expensive affair. By running digital ads on the website, you can get quick payments to manage the operational costs.
  • Serving digital ads on websites is an easy job. You have to choose the dimensions of the ad and add the snippet code to the HTML page. The process of displaying ads hardly takes a couple of minutes.
  • The best-paying ad networks will help you connect with reliable, high-quality, and relevant advertisers. With more clicks and views, your profits will expand faster. Recent news stated that Twitter is selling its ad network, MoPub, for $1.05 billion to a mobile game marketing company, AppLovin.
  • Marketing products for a global audience can increase international visitors to your website. Even with zero experience in selling a brand or product, you can display ads on top-selling brands and start getting sales revenue at a faster rate.

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How to Choose the Right Paying Ad Network?

The key players in Ad Networks are Google AdSense, Facebook, and Amazon. Here are some ways that can help to choose among the best-paying ad networks.

Select the Right Pricing Model

Internet advertisements work on different pricing models. These include the following:

CPC: It is known as the Cost Per Click model. Here the advertiser pays the publisher only when website visitors click on specific ads. It means that you will not earn money even when thousands of people view the ad and do not click on it.

A well-optimized CPC campaign can generate high revenue for both publishers and advertisers.

CPM: It is known as the Cost Per Mile model. Here, the advertising agency or the ad owner will pay you money based on per thousand views of a specific ad.

CPA: It is known as the Cost Per Acquisition model. Here, you will get money when a user first clicks on the ad and completes a call to action. It can include anything like installing an app, membership registration or making a purchase.

Retargeting: It is an effective marketing strategy that is useful if you have a high number of regular visitors to your website. Here, cookie-based technology is used to track regular visitors and their ad preferences. So, the next time they come back to your site, you can display relevant ads and generate profits.

Choose the Right Targeting Options

There are two main ways to target the right audience, demographic and interest-based. You can choose to display advertisements according to your geographic location.

For example, if you stay in a place with cold climatic conditions, you can display ads on winter wear.

If you have a clear vision of your viewer, you can connect with the right audience by running digital ads.

Look for Ad Network Transparency

You must select the best ad networks that offer complete transparency and full access to ad performance statistics.

You can generate reports based on payment per month and segregate the advertisers who help generate maximum profits.

Check for Anti-AdBlock Technology

A reputable ad network offers a high level of security while choosing and displaying ads on websites. They will ensure that ads with malware and viruses are not promoted on your site.

An expert ad network platform can keep track and store your online revenue safely from the prying eyes of hackers.

Choose the Right Ad Format

Some of the typical ad formats that you can choose from include interstitial ads, native ads, video ads, banner ads, in-page push, or pop-under ads. You can choose any form that suits your target audience.

Final Thoughts

As a website publisher, you have complete control over the paid traffic acquisition as a marketing channel. Online advertising is a vast area of digital marketing.

Instead of using ad networks to boost website traffic for a short-term period, you must keep your site updated with great products and services to earn more profits in the future.

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