This is Why a Background Check is Essential When Buying IPv4 Address Space

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Is your business currently running into the problems of an IPv4 shortage? Perhaps you’re willing to advance technologies and in need of additional IP space to facilitate interconnected networks. For many companies, this is a reality as a consequence of the current IPv4 shortage. However, instead of turning to the first offer you encounter on the IPv4 transfer market, make sure an IPv4 address block is ‘clean’. Why? Let’s find out.

Shady IP business

It’s no secret that selling IPv4 address blocks can earn you great money. It’s just simple supply and demand. However, for some, this also gives reason to work around some of the rules and regulations and come up with fraudulent constructions in order to make money fast. Without sufficient knowledge and experience in the transaction of IPv4 address blocks, you’re likely to fall for the promise of an attractive deal where it’s actually a lot of trouble disguised as an IPv4 address block.

The transfer market is filled with untrustworthy parties looking to make a profit out of the lingering shortage. They’ll either sell IP addresses that don’t belong to them in the first place and can be reclaimed by their documented owner or break a deal off when you’ve already transferred your money. To prevent the desillusion of paying for your IPv4 address space and ending up with nothing, take caution in doing business with just any selling party.

Seek help from a registered broker

Fortunately, the market knows specialized brokers that carry a registered status as RIR partners. These brokers know the ins and outs of every rule and regulation within the business and are more than willing to guide purchasing parties in buying their required IP address space.

When choosing your partner broker, make sure they carry out thorough background checks as part of the process. This eliminates the risk of finding out an IPv4 block has been corrupted in the past after already having purchased it. So when you are planning to buy IPv4, make sure to find a trusted broker to guide you through the process. This will not only save you time and energy but money as well – given their objective to find you the best deal.

Administrative matters taken care of

An additional benefit of partnering up with an IP broker is that you can fully rely on their expertise when it comes to the transfer of IPV4 addresses. This entails obtaining approval for the transfer by the RIR, support in price negotiations, insights on governing law and currency as well as an extensive party of parties willing to sell. All in all, your partnership will leave you with the IPv4 address space you need and the security of a safe and quality transaction.

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