5 Ways to Consume CBD in Your Engagement

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You can consume CBD anytime to relax from stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc. It has gained huge popularity in recent years due to enormous health benefits. The chemical is one of the most important compounds of the Cannabis plant other than THC. It has almost the same health benefits as THC minus its intoxication effects.

No matter how much you consume CBD, you won’t get high, unlike THC. With its rising popularity, it is available in many product forms like oils, tinctures, gummies, supplements, vape pens, creams, etc. Cafes, salons are selling CBD-infused lattes, cupcakes, and even facials and massages cause of their healing properties. Apart from this, you can also like detox Florida

If you don’t watch much THC on your engagement day, go for Indica strain cannabis, as that has more CBD content.

1. Vape pens

 It is similar to smoking, you can vape CBD oil or if you are a beginner, get a vaping starter kit for yourself. You can get the same content of CBD in your system through vape pens as you can get through smoking. To buy high-quality vape pens online, visit the CBDfx website by clicking here https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-pens/ and order today. Vaping will give you the same health benefits without the negatives of smoking.

Also, it is best for people who don’t smoke or don’t prefer smoking but want the benefits attached to smoking. The advantages of vaping include a high intake of CBD with optimum effects, easy regulation of your dosage. In addition, you can deny the unhealthy smoke that goes through your throat and lungs during smoking. 

CBD Creams and Others

2. Topical CBD 

If you don’t want to intake it, or you rather want to have CBD due to pain, sunburn, acne, or eczema, you can use topical CBD creams. You can get these in OTC, dispensaries, etc, and they come in the forms of creams, balms, and ointments. Furthermore, it is also very effective for inflammation, sore muscles, migraine, and even skin problems.

Apply the balm or the ointment on sore/inflamed areas, even in your painful feet due to the high heels. It is the easiest form of CBD usage and also great for those if you hate the grass-like earthy smell of CBD. Also, you don’t need any medium or extra tools for this application, but not a very high amount of CBD will go in your system through this.

3. Smoking

It is one of the most common ways of CBD intake, only you need an oil rig similar to a water pipe. At first, to consume this you need to place the CBD concentrate at the nail of the oil rig. Then, heat the nail of the rig and hence smoke, or roll it into a joint to take a puff.

Your system will intake a very high amount of CBD in this method, along with some amount of THC. Smoking CBD affects the human body system, so you will get fast reactions and results. But remember you are putting your throat and lungs at stake, and don’t use it if your body can’t take a high dosage.

4. Tincture

CBD tinctures contain many other things apart from CBD like alcohol, artificial or natural flavors. Furthermore, to make tinctures, manufacturers also use dissolving agents like coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, or ethanol. To consume this you need to take drops of this sublingually or under the tongue through a dropper. After taking it under your tongue hold the compound for 30 seconds before devouring it. 

This is a very effective method and will react very quickly as your system absorbs very fast in this method. You will feel relaxed and destressed in your engagement with this method of consumption.

5. CBD edibles

Various edibles infused with CBD have come to the market and are rising in popularity. There are gummies, candies, chocolates, gum, taffy, all infused with CBD in them. If you are one of them who does not want to consume CBD sublingually or through vaping or smoking. Or even if you are not able to consume it with food, go for these edibles.

You won’t get the taste of any CBD content this way in gummies or lollipops. These edibles are tasty and you can also pop one into your mouth anytime you feel stressed and need to wind up.

There are so many benefits of CBD to use in your engagement, from pain to anxiety to stress. But consult a doctor if you are under medication.

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