How to Take Care of Your Coordinate Measuring Machine?

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Taking care of your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is vital if you want the equipment to perform at its best. CMM maintenance and repair should be a top priority for managers in manufacturing facilities and job shops if they aim for uninterrupted production.

This short guide underscores the importance of taking care of your measuring machine. After reading, you will learn pointers on how to improve CMM maintenance in your business.

Why You Should Perform Preventative CMM Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial factor that can affect the quality and lifespan of your CMM and its parts. Without proper CMM maintenance, you run the risk of having a damaged machine, which can drive overall operating costs.

Below are some of the reasons you should conduct preventive CMM maintenance:

  • Longevity – A CMM can withstand long hours of production when workers clean and maintain its components regularly. This highlights the importance of preventative maintenance if you want to ensure that your machine can function properly year after year without sudden damage.
  • Lower repair costs – If you wish to avoid high machine repair costs, you must regularly clean your CMM. Preventative CMM maintenance can lower the risk of unexpected repairs, which can be costly since it halts production.
  • Peak performance – Keep in mind that maintenance procedures are as crucial to your machine’s operation as repair and calibration processes. So make sure to have workers inspect your machine thoroughly to ensure each component is working at its highest level, from the bearings to the software.
  • Reduced downtime – If you have people cleaning and inspecting your machine, you are effectively reducing downtime. This advantage allows you to continue production with only minimal interruptions. With maintenance procedures in place, your company can eliminate backlogs and the need for machinery repairs.
  • Boost efficiency – Whether you are using brand new or fully reconditioned used CMMs, maintenance ensures your equipment can function on the shop floor accurately. Increased efficiency is a crucial component of maximizing the production capabilities of your organization.

Taking Good Care of Your CMM

To ensure that your CMM is working correctly, check the air quality on the shop floor. Dust particles and other environmental conditions can affect the performance of the machine.

So when cleaning the equipment, check if there is constant airflow and assess the pressure of the air. You should also look for condensation and other potential contaminants in the probes.

Aside from affecting machine performance, these problems may also impact the motors, which can burn when bearings are not functioning correctly.

Cleaning your machine can address this problem. Make sure to check the slave leg, the bearing ways, and the surface plate daily or, at the very least, weekly.

Use isopropyl or methyl hydrate to clean the scales and remove dirt. Make sure to check and replace computer filters and controllers.

Small particles, like dirt and other contaminants, can slip into these components. Your CMM may experience precision issues and motor drive troubles when this problem occurs.

Prevent these problems from occurring by regularly cleaning your CMM. This process is crucial if you want to save on repair costs and keep your machine functioning properly for many years.



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