Crash Team Rumble Release Date: Game Story Mode and More

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Crash Bandicoot changes the formula of its games for its new installment. This time the title will leave the platform gameplay behind to enter a multiplayer format, with four-player team battles and unlockable content.

The game was announced at the end of 2022 and its developers have already given the first details of what its format will be like, its release date, and the early access that some users will have.

This is Crash Team Rumble

This franchise has been characterized for being one of the exponents of the platform genre, in which it is divided into levels for overcoming obstacles, and enemies, and collecting objects. Very similar to what is Mario Bros.

Although it has had other installments outside of that format, such as Team Racing, a racing game, and Bash, a title with minigames for four players. But now the bet is a total turnaround in the format to create confrontations, battle passes and enter the concept of game as a service.

Crash Team Rumble consists of creating duels of 4 vs. 4, in which each team has the goal of collecting 2000 fruits first. In the midst of that, confrontations are created using the abilities of each character, jumping, running, and stopping the advance of the others.

For the character design, everyone who is part of the franchise such as Crash, Coco, Tawna, Dingo and Cortex were taken . In addition, the scenarios for the fighting are several of the traditional levels in which the saga has taken place, such as Just Beachy and Calamity Canyon.

In what has to do with combat and movements, weapons will not be included, but the abilities that have characterized these characters will be used, such as Crash’s turns or Dingo’s cannon. Power-ups will be included around the map for each player to pick up and use against enemies, and there will be a special ability for each character that will charge up as the game progresses.

Being a team game, teamwork will be important and for that each one will have a role that complements the rest, which will encourage the variety of rivals, communication and that each game is different.

The duration of the duels will be approximately five minutes, which opens the space to see dynamic games, precise strategies, and the possibility of getting to know the game better. Although the developers clarified that it is not a video game similar to Pokémon Unite or League of Legends.

When does the Dame Come Out?

Crash Team Rumble‘s release date was set for June 20 of this year and will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Before that day, there will be a closed test phase for users who pre-order the game. That period will be between April 20 and 24, during which players will have the opportunity to try three maps and five different characters.

It was also confirmed that the title will have a battle pass, which consists of overcoming challenges to unlock content, something common in this type of game as a service. Although, for now, it has not been announced if there will be an internal currency to buy content packs.

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