The Development of The Electric Car

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Passenger transport has experienced a major transition over the years. The number of electric cars on the road is increasing and continues to do so. More and more manufacturers are venturing into the production of cars that no longer run on fossil fuels, so the change seems to be taking place at a rapid pace.

Electric Cars in the Netherlands

In recent years, much has happened in the world of electric transport. This has not escaped the notice of the Dutch, and that is why there are more than 200,000 electric cars on the road. The fact that it is not only the citizens who are enthusiastic is evidenced by the benefits that governments offer when you trade in your fuel car for an electric one. The manufacturers are also responding to the travelling demand, which is why almost every reputable car brand has included an electric model in its line-up.

The Battery

The battery is the beating heart of an electric car. Whereas a few years ago the range was still somewhat limited, there are now cars on the market which can easily cover 600 kilometers. In almost all cases, that is more than enough for daily use. But the development does not stop here. Various manufacturers are investing billions of euros in developing the battery, thus providing serious competition for petrol and diesel cars. Because so many brands are betting on electric transport, the supply will increase. The logical consequence is that electric driving will also become more affordable.

The Charging Network

The fact that the range is increasing is of course great, but for further journeys one will have to charge sooner or later. The options for this used to be very limited, but the European charging network is expanding all the time. By using an EV charging stations dataset, energy suppliers are increasingly able to identify charging needs and improve the EV charging infrastructure at a rapid pace. In the Netherlands, there are an enormous number of public charging stations, and in the rest of Europe, the number is constantly growing. It seems only a matter of time before a journey through Europe can be made effortlessly in an electric car.

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