The Education Technology Industry is Booming Because of These Current Trends

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The main goal of emerging education technologies is to offer students quality and timely education. To make the best out of the latest education technologies, one must be well aware of the various sources like early-stage startups, growing ed-tech businesses, current trends, customer demand patterns, and other factors related to the biggest education technologies.

It is important for the biggest education technology startups and companies to focus on the vital significance to avoid any future run down due to lack of knowledge on the business. Also, students and employees need to know about the abundance of patterns of business education technologies before enrolling on any ed-tech platform. 


The edutainment industry is emerging very quickly with a high success rate. Gaming has always proved to keep kids hooked. So what better than gamification to add some entertainment while you learn simultaneously?

Gamification helps the teachers teach the children the concepts in a way that they cherish learning and are eager to learn more. Unlike traditional education methods, gamification enhances students’ eagerness to learn new things and more interesting facts and concepts. With new technology inventions around the corner, gamification is booming at a tremendous rate.

Innovative Startups for Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been a trend in previous centuries. But it was only provided to the upper classes or royals worldwide. Since the pandemic, conventional and offline education has become scarce. Startup enthusiasts have come up with the very resourceful idea of homeschooling for every student. Startups have stepped up to become the hottest topic of discussion when it comes to modem schooling endorsed with technological advancements and easy accessibility. It helps enhance the potential of individuals to make them better learners. These homeschooling startups provide platform tools to help parents and students navigate local regulations to provide them with a proper learning management system and an online library curated by the best minds and educational book authors.

Advancing Online Classes

Since the breakdown of the Coronavirus, everyone and everything went into complete lockdown. That is when online classes became a reliable necessity for educational institutes to educate the youth and suffice the need to fulfill quality education at its best. Obstacles in offline and conventional learning have been a major concern since the pandemic. With advancing online classes, educational learning has become uninterrupted and unstoppable. Now education is accessible irrespective of location, time zone, or any other variables. With a suitable internet connection or a smartphone, everyone can easily access uninterrupted learning.

Digital Assessment

With the boost of work-from-home in your comfort, many have resigned from work from the office. Work-from-home has come up front to be proven as more productive. Traditional forms of conducting examinations to evaluate students’ learning have been reduced. Online examinations have taken over almost every university and institute. Online examination has both its pros and cons. Unlike traditional examinations, online examinations cannot be assessed based on bias. Video assessments are based on algorithms that prohibit the students from conducting any malpractices.

Hands-on VR

VR, as in Virtual reality tools and technologies, have helped the students to improve communication skills and practice social interaction without the fear of getting drowned by the pandemic and practicing required skills while being in the safe place of their own homes. 

It is a fun and innovative way of learning that keeps the students focused and engaged, enjoying learning at the same time. The students can conduct self-experiments and practice concepts in an almost real scenario. With more VR technological advancements, students will have a more practical approach to learning. 

Accessible Podcasts

Podcasts have been around us for quite a long time now. But we have had very little access to it because of a lack of fame and knowledge about podcasts. Now, after being accessible internet to every nook and corner around the world, podcasts can be recorded, downloaded, and listened to by various audio devices. Podcasts can be found in the many music applications in the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS for free.

Podcasts facilitate a better understanding for students, where students can pause, play and listen to podcasts on repeat.

Built-in IoT Infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been installed in many schools, universities, and company buildings to enhance technical infrastructure to help maintain better connection and technical reliability. Some uses of IoT are face detection, thumbprint in biometric scanners, student vehicle monitoring, and motion sensor lights are some of. Educational Institutes and companies are more secure with the use of IoT as it provides 3D positioning to monitor students’ and employees’ presence, which eliminates faultily or nuisance of any kind and retains productivity at its highest.


 The biggest trend of them all in 2022 might be E-learning. According to recent studies, it increases retention rates by over 50 percent. Being very scalable, it allows the educators to many students at the same time. Video for education has enabled this to be achieved at costs much lower than traditional in-person classes.




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