Facebook Messenger will Notify You if Your Message is Screenshotted

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Recently, Facebook Messenger received a slew of new features. End-to-end encryption, screenshot detection, message reactions, and typing indications are among the new features added to Messenger. Messenger’s opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats now include the new functionality. WhatsApp users have been waiting for the screenshot detection feature and the message reactions feature for a long time. However, given that the capabilities are available on Messenger, they may soon be available on WhatsApp as well.

Timothy Buck, Messenger’s Product Manager, wrote in a blog post on the debut of new features, “Today, we’re announcing changes for Messenger’s opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats that will help improve your messaging experience.” Building safe and engaging interactive features takes time, and it necessitates our engineers to innovate and overcome technical problems, so this is the first in a series of product updates as we continue to improve our services. With the advent of cybercrime and hacking, it’s more crucial than ever to find innovative ways to communicate privately and securely with friends and family.”

Chats in Messenger are now encrypted from beginning to end. Last year, Facebook began experimenting with end-to-end encryption for group chats, including phone and video calls. The feature of end-to-end encryption is now available to everyone. The chat is secure and confidential thanks to end-to-end encryption. Nobody, not even Facebook, has access to the chats save the sender and receiver. WhatsApp, another Meta-owned service, offers end-to-end encryption.

The Screenshot Detection feature is another intriguing addition that Messenger has gotten. This is something that WhatsApp users have been clamoring for a long time. If a screenshot of a vanishing message is captured, Messenger users will now be notified. It’s the same feature that Messenger’s vanish mode provides. Facebook is rolling out this notification for disappearing messages in end-to-end encrypted chats over the next few weeks.

Message Reactions, which is also being tested on WhatsApp, has been added to Messenger. Users will be able to tap and hold on to a message to bring up the responses menu, where they may choose their reaction. Users can also “love” a message by double-tapping it. This feature is already available in iMessage, and it’s possible that WhatsApp may get it shortly. Messenger users will also be able to respond to individual messages in their end-to-end encrypted chats by long pressing or swiping to react. In a similar manner, the message can be forwarded.

Aside from that, end-to-end encrypted chats will be given a verified flag to enable users to identify between genuine and phony accounts. In the next weeks, the functionalities will be rolled out to Messenger.

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