FocoClipping-3 Ways to Do Background Change Automatically in 2023

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Background Change

Background change is the process of converting an image to a new look entirely. It is usually done to get the image more attractive and clearer. There are many online tools to background change. As a result of these tools, the image becomes clearer and simpler, which helps to focus the subject.  So, do you want to know what are the ways to do background change online? Which one is the best tool? Which one is easy to use? Which one functions well? Is not it good to use the best and efficient tool to use background change within seconds?


You want to get answers to all these questions…           

This article aims to clear you the best 3 ways to do background change online automatically in 2023. There are many websites that work well but the ones with 100% efficiency and effectiveness are given below.

3 ways to do background change online

  2. FocoClipping
  3. Canva pro

This tool removes background easily, but it takes five seconds to create a transparent background version of your image. It is a fast, free, and easy-to-use tool.


  1. JPG and PNG images with a maximum size of 12 megabytes can be uploaded.
  2. It is helpful to remove background from the image of a person, animal, product, or automobile etc. Image resolutions of more than 25 megapixels are downscaled to a smaller size (e.g., 6250 4000 pixels or another aspect ratio).
  3. In about five seconds and with no clicks, you can eliminate all background images. There are at least 20 million other things to do than manually remove background images.
  4. The performs an excellent job at removing the image’s background. Creating a translucent version of your image takes less than 5 seconds.  
  5. bg API is available to you if you’d want to make your workflow more digitally efficient. The good thing is that services are 100% GDPR compliant.


  1. Quality is low, edges are fuzzy, and it doesn’t always get it right.
  2. Your image will be automatically processed by the tool once you’ve uploaded it. The output can be downloaded or touched up if necessary, however this isn’t often necessary once results have been created.
  3. The major con of this tool is that it is a paid tool for major tasks. For getting more images to be background removed, you must buy its “subscription plan” or “Pay as you go” plan.
  • FocoClipping

This tool aims to help you in removing and editing the background of images with ease. Changing the image background can turn it from a normal snapshot to a piece of beauty.


  1. The process of using this tool is very simple and easy.
  2. It can provide you with amazing HD Quality for example 9 Mpx Maximum image resolutions and 12 Mb Maximum image sizes.
  3. It is a superior bulk BG Remover that just takes 3 seconds to detect the foreground, change background, precise recognition of images, and support cutting out the backgrounds.
  4. It helps you to remove the background of the bulk of images at a time like 30+ images at one time.
  5. It is Superior Bulk BG Remover that just takes 3 seconds to detect the foreground, change background, precise recognition of images, and support cutting out the backgrounds.
  • Canva pro

This is a super tool for people who work with designing skills. Canva is easy to use tool for marketing, print material. With Canva’s powerful image editing features, you can modify your images, adjust your pictures, and combine them with other components and backgrounds.


  1. You may use its easy editing tools to make stunning backgrounds for your images, whether they’re simple or more complex.
  2. If we could remove picture backgrounds quickly and efficiently, it would save us from having to upload our photographs to third-party services that remove backgrounds for free.
  3. Any social media post, website, and more may benefit from the aid of this online tool. Editing a backdrop or text is a cinch using Canva’s design components.
  4. It’s possible that videos created using video editing tools may become popular as it does professional work.


  1. It is not the best photo editor.
  2. You cannot create unique elements.
  3. It is a premium tool. To use its pro features, you will need to buy its plans.
  4. it is not a tool for just background removing but it is helpful or designing different posts. It has a lot of options but if a person wants to change background only, it becomes confusing due to its various options.

These background change tools help to remove and change background as well as add new different backgrounds. These tools are predominantly used in e-commerce because many online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ali-Express, require merchants to include white backgrounds or photo background changes for product images. What is the benefit of changing backgrounds of images? 

When the background of an image is removed or changed, the image:

  • Gets a new look.
  • Gets viewer interest.
  • Appears more appealing.
  • Adds the coherence of the theme.
  • Helps to sell the product on Amazon etc.

The best One

Among these three, what I found is more way to use is FocoClipping. You must take a look at FocoClipping, which is one of the top sites. It’s your all-in-one picture backdrop remover that works effortlessly, quickly, and effectively. You can download all images in batches with one click.

Why FocoClipping is best?

It is best because it can remove and change background of the bulk of images by enhancing image quality within three seconds. The best thing is that it is FREE to use.

How to use it?

The first step is to visit Here you will find a button to upload an image. You need to click it to submit your image for which you are looking to background change.

When you are uploading, it will take only one or two seconds to upload it, and then it will remove the background automatically.


Then smart remover will automatically generate an image with transparent background.

transparent background

Now it’s time to change background. You can click the “Background” button at the right-hand upper corner to edit it.

change background

Now it’s time to add your favorite background to the image.

custom background

You can also add a custom background to it. Click the button “Custom”.

custom background

Ready to download, click the “download” button. That’s all!

Except for its simple process, you can also enjoy its advanced features about perfect hair details as it solves all troubles of tricky selections of hair. And it is also helpful to handle all challenging detail, even the hair tip. It is also available for assisting with hair touch-up tools.  Its Advanced Auto-AI Algorithm is also performing functions very well.


Background removal removes any unnecessary objects, grime, dust, marks, or other undesired flaws in the image. This adds a blank canvas that we can alter and utilize to add more things like product photos, banners, ad covers, thumbnails, etc.

That is why we must need a background change that works exclusively freely. This article has discussed 3 ways to do background change online. These tools are available online.  These are FocoClipping,, and Canva pro. For background removal and changing background, we found the best solution is FocoClipping.

By using this tool, you will be able to remove background, remove colored objects, add a new background, remove white background images and download high-quality HD images with JPG, PNG, & JPEG format.

It’s time to enjoy background change with ease.

Highly recommended!


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