Google Invests in New Cambridge Centre for Ethical AI Research

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Technology giant Google and the prestigious University of Cambridge have formed a new long-term partnership, with Google providing funding to establish the Cambridge Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence. The collaboration aims to advance responsible AI research across critical areas like healthcare, sustainability, and human-computer interaction.

Driving Innovation in Responsible AI

The agreement significantly expands existing research collaboration between Google and Cambridge. It will enable scientists and engineers from both organizations to work closely in developing AI designed to benefit people and address global challenges. Key focus areas for the new centre include healthcare, robotics, climate change, and economic sustainability.

Preparing for the UK’s Upcoming AI Safety Summit

The partnership comes as the UK prepares to host a major AI safety summit next month. Governments, academics, and technology leaders are expected to discuss opportunities and ethical concerns around AI at the gathering. The new Cambridge centre’s mission aligns closely with the summit’s goals of encouraging responsible AI innovation. The UK aims to solidify its position as a global AI leader.

Industry and Academia Joining Forces

Professor Anna Korhonen, Director of the Cambridge Centre, emphasized the importance of industry-academia collaboration in AI research. She said the new centre will put people at the heart of AI progress. As the first funding partner, Google has supported the interdisciplinary approach since the centre’s inception.In addition, you can also read an article on- AI Governance: A Must-Have for Responsible AI Development and Deployment

Google Reaffirms Commitment to the UK’s Leadership in AI

Matt Brittin, President of Google EMEA, reiterated Google’s commitment to enabling AI research that benefits society. He said collaborating with leading British institutions like Cambridge is vital to realize AI’s potential responsibly. The partnership reaffirms Google’s continued investment in the UK as a technology and AI leader.

Promoting Responsible AI Development

Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan welcomed the agreement between Google and Cambridge. She said partnerships like this are crucial to encourage safe AI growth by combining business and academic insights. As home to world-class research and major tech firms, the UK is well-placed to lead responsible AI advancement.

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