Google Unveils New AI Capabilities with Gemini

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Google has introduced its new artificial intelligence (AI) model called Gemini, which has enhanced capabilities for tasks like text generation, summarization, and more. The initial limited version, called Gemini Pro, has been added to Google’s Bard conversational chatbot.

While full access to Gemini’s capabilities is still restricted, Pixel phone owners can try out Gemini’s AI-generated suggestions in WhatsApp messages. Google plans future broader rollouts of an upgraded Gemini Ultra model in 2024 alongside new multimodal features that can process diverse inputs and outputs.

For now Gemini only supports English and is unavailable in the European Union. Testing it requires a Google account login and may encounter minor software issues since it remains in early experimental phases.  

Using Gemini Pro in Bard is currently offered free of charge, unlike competitive services like ChatGPT Plus that require paid subscriptions for the latest AI models. Google intends for Gemini Ultra to handle more complex cross-domain challenges across text, images, audio, video and code.

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