Google to Release AI Software Gemini, a Rival to OpenAI’s GPT-4

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Google is said to have taken a step forward in the development of its much-anticipated conversational artificial intelligence software Gemini. According to The Information, the Alphabet-owned tech behemoth has granted access to the future AI software to a restricted number of organizations.

According to reports, Gemini will soon be ready to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4.The unveiling of Gemini is noteworthy for Google, which has boosted its spending in generative AI this year. This endeavor is considered as Google’s attempt to catch up, especially after the debut of ChatGPT, powered by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, last year enthralled the tech world.

Gemini is a collection of sophisticated language models that power a variety of applications, including chatbots and functions such as text summarization and content production based on user preferences. According to the research, these apps include duties such as writing email drafts, creating music lyrics, and creating news stories.

Gemini is also expected to aid software programmers in writing and creating unique pictures in response to customer requests. According to the article, Google is now providing developers with access to a sizeable iteration of Gemini, however it is not the largest version in development, with the larger version likely to have capabilities comparable to GPT-4.

The American tech corporation plans to make Gemini available to businesses through its Google Cloud Vertex AI service. The company added generative AI tools to its Search tool last month, primarily for customers in India and Japan. These capabilities allow for the display of text or visual responses to prompts, including summaries.

Google also made its AI-powered products available to enterprise clients for $30 per user per month.

Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai praised OpenAI in a recent interview, calling the debut of ChatGPT a ‘great time’ for him. Pichai also stated that artificial intelligence is a’profound platform shift’ that is nearing the point where it can be applied more profoundly.

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