Google Supercharges Search Engine Using Latest AI

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The browser from Google has seen minimal updates in the past few years. As you are aware, users input a phrase into the search engine, click ‘Search’, and receive a list of blue links containing a wealth of information. However, in order to keep up with the latest technology trends, the Mountain View company has incorporated generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its results page to provide a fresh new look.

Google users now have the ability to make voice queries, identify songs by humming, and search for information using the Lens application. These features aim to connect people’s curiosity with the information they are seeking. However, the tech giant is now introducing the new ‘Circle to Search’ feature to enhance its capabilities.

How does Google’s ‘Surround for Search’ Work?

Google Upgrades Search Engine AI

‘Circle to Search’ introduces a fresh approach to searching for anything without the need to switch windows in the search engine. With a simple gesture, users can effortlessly select images, videos, or text to access the desired information. This can be done by circling around, making a mark, scribbling, or simply clicking or touching on the desired item. In addition, once users have finished their search, they will need to swipe in order to return to their original location.

Starting January 31, users will be able to access this function on a range of Android mobile phones, including the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as the new Galaxy S24 series. The function will be available in all languages and locations where it is supported.

Artificial Intelligence Comes to the Samsung Galaxy S24

Additionally, the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 models come equipped with cutting-edge features powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology developed by Gemini and Google. Now, let’s go ahead and explain each of them for you.

Summarize documents or recordings in minutes thanks to Gemini

The ‘Notes’, ‘Voice Recorder’, and ‘Keyboard’ applications of the new Galaxy S24 series have enhanced summary functions thanks to Gemini Pro. For instance, users have the ability to record a lecture and promptly receive a summary of the key points.

Guarantee privacy with Gemini Nano

The Galaxy S24 series will also include the Gemini Nano model, which is highly efficient for tasks performed on the device. This integration will enable new functionality in Google ‘Messages’ while ensuring that your data remains securely on your mobile phone.

Gemini Ultra will be Useful in Complex Tasks

Samsung has been selected as an early partner to test the Gemini Ultra, a larger model specifically designed for handling highly complex tasks. This opportunity allows Samsung to gain valuable insights before the model is made widely available to developers and customers in the coming years. This year.

Magic Compose

This feature allows you to express yourself in a wide range of tones, from emotional to formal and even poetic, within Google’s ‘Messages’ application.


With this incredible tool, you can now transform your personal photos into unique emojis, thanks to the power of generative artificial intelligence.

What’s new in Android Auto

This platform offers the convenience of automatically summarizing long texts or conversations, providing helpful suggestions for responses and actions tailored to the context, all without the need to physically interact with the phone. Additionally, it incorporates Galaxy design elements, including the wallpaper and icons, for a visually pleasing experience.

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