How to Change Your Language on Amazon

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E-commerce behemoth Amazon is a platform where we all enjoy shopping. It is one of the market leaders in India’s e-commerce industry. It is an American multinational technology corporation that specializes in digital streaming and e-commerce.

Amazon allows users to alter the default language on its website and mobile applications. If the app is not available in the user’s favored language, it becomes difficult for many individuals to utilize it. Check out this page for a detailed guide on how to alter the language on the Amazon app.

Here’s how to alter the Amazon app’s language:

Step 1: select the three horizontal bars at the bottom of the application. They will be visible when the program is opened on an iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Clicking on the bars will open a new section of the app where you simply need to navigate to the bottom of the page to locate the Settings option. Choose Settings, followed by Country and Language.

Step 3: The following page will enable you to alter your region. Certain languages are region-restricted, and you will only be able to select a language that is widely spoken in your chosen region.
After making your selection, click Done to alter your language.

How to alter the Amazon website’s language

Step 1 varies slightly depending on your region of origin, but the remainder of the procedure is comparable in all countries. To the right of the search bar, you should see your country’s flag (if you don’t see a flag — not all regional homepages display one at the top of the page — navigate to the bottom of the homepage, where a list of available regions should be displayed). When you select the arrow next to the flag, a drop-down menu containing all the languages available in your region will appear.

Step 2: If you see the language you want to use in your current region, click on it, and the website will be updated immediately.

Step 3: To view additional languages, select Change country/region. When you select this option, a drop-down menu containing a selection of available regions will appear. Simply click on the intended region to switch languages.

Step 4: If you need to return to the original language, repeat the entire procedure.


How do I alter Amazon Prime’s language?

You can alter the language if you use Amazon Prime Video by navigating to Account and Settings > Language. Select My Stuff > Settings > Language from the app’s menu.


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