How to Mute Discord on Obs? [Latest Guide 2023]

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How to mute Discord on Obs? Nowadays, many streamers have started using Discord to chat with their friends or teammates while streaming. Discord is mainly for gamers who want to voice chat while gaming, but many other people have started using it. Today, many streamers use Discord to communicate with their viewers and teammates in games.

In addition, OBS is probably the software preferred by streamers to broadcast their game online. In general, many streamers combine Discord and OBS during their broadcasts, which allows for greater immersion for viewers since you can communicate with them through Discord. Without Discord integration in OBS, you can’t communicate with other users, which forces many people to use Discord.

Of course, for uninterrupted streaming, it is best to use both Discord OBS. However, sometimes you just want to turn Discord off on OBS if your friends are yelling or if there is too much background noise. But unfortunately, many people don’t know how to do that. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to mute Discord on OBS without much effort.

To add the Discord audio to the OBS

You may have already added Discord audio to your OBS feeds. If you are new to OBS and wondering how to add Discord audio to your feeds, here are the steps to add Discord to OBS.

  • First, run the OBS program on your computer or laptop and wait a few seconds.
  • In OBS, you have to select the scene to which you want to add the sound.
  • Now click on the (+) icon in the lower-left corner of the source panel to continue.
  • On the next screen, select “Capture audio output” and wait a few seconds.
  • A new pop-up window appears inviting you to create a new source or to use an existing one.
  • Select the “Create a new source” option and be sure to name it Discord for simplicity.
  • On the next screen, click on the drop-down menu and select the Discord source to continue.

That’s it, don’t forget to save the changes and that’s it!!!!

Once the changes are recorded, you will hear your fellow Discord members in OBS. So you can easily add the Observer’s Discord audio to your feed through OBS at any time.

How to mute Discord on Obs

The Discord audio combination on OBS is certainly useful when you want to play online games and communicate with your teammates for better coordination. But if your friends make too much noise or you feel the need to mute Discord in OBS, you should know how to do it. You can follow the steps below to quickly mute Discord in an Obs broadcast.

  1. During transmission, open the OBS software and wait a few seconds for it to start.
  2. Go to the “Audio Mixer” panel at the bottom of the interface to continue. How to enter Discord audio in obs. 

3.In the audio mixer panel, select the discord sound and adjust the volume with the slider. To mute the discord sound.

4.To mute the sound completely, simply move the audio mixer slider all the way to the left.

5.That is all. The sound of Discord will be muted in your transmission.

To restore the sound, simply move the slider in the Audio Mixer panel to the right. If you want to remove the source completely, go to the Source panel and delete the “Discord” sound. Don’t worry, you can add it back in the future if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- Do I have to restart the transmission to mute Discord in OBS?

A: – No, you don’t need to restart your stream or anything. Just start the OBS program on the main desktop and drag the Audio Discord slider in the Audio Mixer panel to the left.

Q:- I want to completely remove the Discord sound source, how can I do it?

A:- If you want to remove the Discord sound source completely instead of just disabling it, try the following steps.

  • Open the source panel in the OBS software.
  • Select “Capture Audio Output” from the menu.
  • In the Device option, select the Discord source.
  • Press Delete to completely remove the source from the OBS.

Q:- Would it be a problem if I muted Discord on OBS?

A: – No, there is no problem if you mute the sound of Discord. However, you will not be able to communicate with other players or spectators because you will not be able to hear them.

Last Words:

OBS is fairly easy-to-use streaming software, so many streamers use it regularly. But sometimes, when you see a lot of options and sliders in the program interface, you can get lost. We hope you were able to mute Discord in OBS. Follow the steps in “How to mute Discord on Obs” and enjoy the steam. If you need help with anything else or want to ask a question, use the comments section below.

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