How to Play Runescape

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Do you want to start playing Runescape? The Runescape player count numbers over 15 million players, with over a million people playing each day. So, do you want to start getting in on the fun? Read on for our guide to play Runescape.

Free or Pay To Play?

You need to decide if you want to use Runescape for free, or pay for the experience. You can start for free, and decide to pay later.

If you decide to pay to play, you will get access to more skills and more quests, along with more areas to explore.

You can also buy other extras, either from Jagex itself or third-party sellers, to get even more out of the game. Check out RSGP For Sale for more. 

Getting Started

When you first download Runescape and create your account, you’ll start by starting on Ashdale, where you’ll go through the tutorial for Runescape.

This tutorial will show you how to navigate around the world of Runescape and learn different skills.

Once you complete the tutorial in Ashdale, you’ll be transported to the main part of the game in Gielinor.

Getting Around Gielinor

Now that you have gotten through the tutorial, you have a choice to make. You can use the provided path system, or you can go out on your own. The path system will walk you through some features of the game that aren’t covered by the tutorial, and start off with some basic quests.

If you choose to go out on your own, you’ll want to start building some skills up before you start pursuing quests, so that you can complete them successfully. Some of the skills available in Runescape include:

  • Smithing
  • Constitution
  • Construction
  • Slayer
  • Summoning
  • Divination
  • Ranged
  • Fishing
  • Invention
  • Runecrafting
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Attack
  • Magic
  • Agility
  • Hunter
  • Farming
  • Herblore

Some of these skills are harder to get than others, so try experimenting with all of them before you commit to leveling all the way up in just one.

Collect The Things You Need

You will also want to begin gathering different resources. Of course, you’ll need to have plenty of coins to play the game successfully, which you can get as rewards, by killing enemies, or by selling things.

You should also gather other resources, such as herbs, logs, and more. You can try out features like Runescape player owned farms if you don’t feel up to start fighting yet

And, make sure that you’re protected by having the strongest possible equipment and weapons for your skill range. As you level up, you’ll qualify for better and better equipment, so you will have purchase or forge more.

Play Runescape Today

Now that you know how to play Runescape, you’ll have fun for hours on end navigating this amazing game.

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