Moon Knight’s End Credits may Hint at Finale Twist

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Everyone loves the moon. A big, glowing Egyptian bird is in charge of the place. He turns his favorite men into immortal mummy heroes, and it’s a big place with a lot of people. The MCU, at least. There may also be a big twist at the end and a new Marvel antihero in the Disney+ show.

The executive producer of Moon Knight told Mashable that there’s something going on with the moon in the movie.

“The moon has so many different phases and looks that I think you’re going to love this show. I won’t say too much from there. I can say this. During each phase of the moon, we are telling little stories. I think that’s about all I can say.”

We can tell from the Moon Knight credits that the moon is waxing. It starts out as a thin waxing crescent in Episode 1, then gets bigger in Episode 2, then a half-moon in Episode 3, and finally a beautiful waxing gibbous moon in Episode 4.

By Episode 5, the moon should be full. There is a chance they will fake it as they did with the two waxing crescents. They will put in a fake phase to save the full moon for the end.

The thing is, if they do want to save something big for the end of the full moon, there’s another Marvel antihero waiting in the wings. Jake Gomez, better known as Werewolf By Night, is the actor who plays the character. He has been cast in the MCU and is set to appear later this year.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal will play Jake Gomez, aka Werewolf By Night, in Marvel’s 2022 Halloween special, which will air in October of that year.

Werewolves have also been worn by a few people in the past. When they change, some have power over the moon, but others can’t do anything when the moon is full. The Jake Gomez version of the character can change at any time, but because the character has a strong connection to Moon Knight, that may be changed to bring the two heroes closer together.

However, Moon Knight as a character came into existence in Werewolf By Night #32 when the Werewolf ran on its own. As time went on, Moon Knight became more popular than the wolf who started it all.
Would make a lot of sense for Moon Knight to start Werewolf By Night in the MCU. Is it even possible to get people excited about a character that most MCU fans don’t know? It could be a good way to do that.

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