IGaming Developers Using The Newest Technologies to Provide The Best User Experience in America

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In January and Feburary 2022, The United States IGaming Revenue Report revealed that IGaming had hit over $700mil. This was literally only the first 2 months of the year and we have seen a slight increase in revenue across the states since.

With IGaming becoming a more lucrative market, companies are always looking for new ways to improve user experience. IGaming refers to when users play games online or place bets/wagers on games over the internet. IGaming is taking off on both PC and mobiles and is a very serious market.

As with everything these days, the IGaming industry is looking for new technological advances to help better their industry and offer users new and amazing experiences. From Virtual reality and augmented reality to data modeling and geolocation tracking, there are a number of tools IGaming creators are using to offer the best user experiences possible.

It can be hard to understand all of these technologies and what they do so we will quickly talk about a couple and try to make it as understandable as possible. These technologies are playing a massive part in IGaming and are currently helping to reshape the industry as a whole!

Augmented Reality

This is probably one of the more fun technologies to look forward to, especially when it comes to IGaming. Augmented Reality lets app designers alter reality as you know it. Using AR, companies can insert extra data into the real world. Using a smartphone, you could essentially scan the real world with your camera and depending what app you are using, it can overlay certain information to you.

This data can include players of the same game/app, information on buildings and even google reviews for restaurants and businesses. The options for AR are endless and it can really make IGaming a much more immersive experience for the end user.

IGaming developers could even use AR to create a virtual casino or a whole host of casinos and then show you which one has the best bonuses. Imagine looking at an AR map and being able to see a list of all PA Casinos Sign Up Bonuses in a fun and interactive way. This is the type of technology that we are starting to see these days.

In 2020, it was said that 25% of Americans used AR in some shape or form. This number is estimated to hit upwards of 44% across the states in 2022! In 2021, the mobile AR market size was 9.5BLN USD with almost half of that coming from AR glasses alone.

Live Online Casinos

This is another one that is helping to revolutionize the IGaming industry. Live Online Casinos let users join their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own house or whatever location they chose.

Essentially, you would pick what table or game you want to play and then you have a live host taking control of the game. This is something that could be useful for those who like to play things like poker and blackjack, where a dealer is necessary. While there is no shortage of AI dealers, there is something about having a real person dealing the cards that just can’t be beat.

Live Casinos are a big hit and can even utilize virtual reality so you really feel like you are at a proper casino and not just sitting on your couch. Users could get a full 3D view of a casino and essentially walk around it to find the game they want to play, just as if they were in a real casino. I mean, just imagine being able to walk around your favorite casino without ever having to leave your house! Sounds pretty amazing to us!

While online casinos still aren’t legal in every state, in states like Pennsylvania, they have been live since 2017. In 2017, Pennsylvania became the fourth state to legalize online gaming and officially launched their first online casinos in july 2019. In 2021, PA had 13 casinos offering a number of games including slots, table games and video poker.

Live Online Casinos
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Data Modeling

This is one of those technologies that many people don’t like, but has a major impact in everything we do online. Collecting data is easier than ever and companies are finding more uses for the data they are collecting.

When it comes to the IGaming industry, they can collect data to customize your whole experience. Everything from the ads you may see in game, all the way to in-game recommendations and more can be personalized based on the data collected from your individual device.

While not everyone is happy with all the data companies collect from us online these days, it is just one of those things that we have to deal with most of the time. Most companies do use it for good and as such, try to enhance their users experience based on the data they have collected.

Geolocation Tracking Technology

Another technology that some feel is a bit much but does play a good part in the IGaming industry. Online Gambling is not currently legal in all states and as such, IGaming developers need a way to protect themselves from allowing people to illegally bet using their apps/sites. This is where Geolocation Tracking Technology comes in!

While there are always ways around it, most people won’t try to manipulate their data and the app they are using will have their real time location. This allows IGaming companies to have their app banned where it is illegal. This can also let them know if and where certain games or apps are more popular than others so they know where to focus in the future.

Final Words

There is no denying how technology has revolutionized the casino and IGaming experience. The good, the bad and the ugly, technology is always there whether we want it to be or not. In this day and age, it is harder to stay off the grid away from technology.

While all the technological advances may not be wanted by some, those that make the best of them are enjoying things more than they ever thought possible. Online gaming is becoming more immersive by the day and those at the forefront aren’t looking back.

As we spoke about in this article, there are a number of technologies that are now being used to offer the end user the best IGaming experience possible. From Augmented and Virtual reality to Geolocation Tracking, Data Modeling and more. Companies are now able to more easily target each and every individual who plays their games or uses their apps.

One thing to remember is with all these advances it is now more important than ever to stay safe online. Use different passwords for different things and never share your info with anyone. Also, remember, if it looks too good to be true it most likely is.

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