The Perfect Air Max for a Retro Geek Look

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When we talk about the Nike Air Max 97, we’re talking about a shoe that surprised us all at the end of a decade that started to bet seriously on the future. There was a lot of latex and a fashion industry that was more sensual than ever. There was also a lot of electronic music and digital art experiments. The internet culture was strong and included everything, starting with science fiction books and movies.

In 1997, these legendary Air Max shoes came out with a full air chamber. Nike was under a lot of pressure to have a launch that would shake the whole world, since its line was already well-established and people had very, very high expectations. The commissioner to do something so risky? Tresser, Christian. A designer who had already worked with the Swoosh brand on its performance lines and who now picked up the torch to carry on the work of those big names who helped build the industry and the cult of these shoes.

With Nike’s attention on him, Tresser decided to start from scratch. He made an upper with undulating shapes that flowed out of the design, like the natural flow of water. He also made a visible air chamber that ran along the entire midsole, proposed a discreet elastic lacing system for closure, added 360-degree reflective details in the silhouette’s undulations, and always used materials that had a metallic look. A jewel that was bound to be interesting.

This version of the Air Max was and still is such a stylish take on the shoe that it became a fashion icon at the time. Giorgio Armani wore them in Milan for his next show, and Dolce & Gabbana, the coolest fashion duo in Italy, used them in the looks that would be seen in their collection.

Today, the Nike Air Max 97 is back with a colorway that feels more than just perfect for today: it feels urgent and necessary. Most importantly, think about the current fashion trends.

Nike Air Max 97 Metallic Silver / Chlorine Blue

In 2022, to mark its 25th year on Earth, the AM97 will have a design that looks like the first colorway it came out in. It will have a silver mesh upper, metallic mudguard overlays, and white sole units. blue. Crazy navy on the upper, with overlays and pull tabs that give the silhouette some punch, and pops of Chlorine Blue on the Air supports, midfoot swooshes, and branding on the tongue.

The steps to tomorrow have a completely cold and futuristic look. One of the best things a millennial can have today, without a doubt.

Why they are perfect for a retro geek look

Let’s put it this way: the year these Air Maxes were made was a one-of-a-kind time when computers, technology, the ability to share and find all kinds of information on the internet, the ability to have a lifetime connected by scientific advances, and the promise of a new millennium just three years away were all given a lot of attention. Add to that the fact that many of the most famous people in pop culture are now among the richest people in the world, but back then they were just nerds working in their parents’ garages, and the myth of cyber geniuses gets stronger. They seemed to come out of nowhere, and the formula is even better because of how smart they are.

Reviving that spirit in this way for one of the best fashion trends of the moment, retro, it doesn’t sound bad at all to wear these sneakers and keep the geeky look that was popular back then.

But that doesn’t mean you should only wear these sneakers with jeans with straight legs, regular-fit shirts, gray sweatshirts, and varsity jackets. The best part is that men’s fashion has changed so much in recent years that you can wear these sneakers with almost anything: chinos, shorts, joggers, and even dress pants. They always work and make you look like a genius who was just misunderstood. The point is that you always try to dress like those clothes your parents made you wear when you were a kid, even though you hated them and thought they were stupid. But now, those clothes are the coolest thing ever.

Release Date of the Nike Air Max 97 Metallic Silver / Chlorine Blue

The company has confirmed that these shoes will be on sale starting July 29.

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