OnePlus Open Rumored to Be Thinner Than Google’s Pixel Fold

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According to a leaked promo image, OnePlus will market its upcoming Open foldable phone as the “thinnest foldable available in [North America].”

If true, this would undermine the Pixel Fold’s core marketing message that it is the thinnest foldable. The Open launches next week.

Pixel Fold Promoted as “Thinnest Foldable”

Google has heavily advertised the Pixel Fold as “the thinnest foldable of all” in markets where it is sold.

At 5.8mm unfolded, it is slimmer than the 6.1mm Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, its main rival.

But OnePlus Open May Steal That Title

The leaked OnePlus promo promises the Open will be the thinnest foldable in North America. Exact dimensions are unconfirmed.

If true, this would defeat Google’s Pixel Fold marketing headline in a key region.

Pixel Fold’s Current Thinnest Claim Has Caveat

Google’s “thinnest foldable” claim comes with a footnote that it only applies where Pixel Fold is sold.

The Honor Magic V2 is actually the thinnest globally at 5.5mm unfolded.

OnePlus Open Rumored Specs

Other leaked OnePlus Open specs include:

  • 512GB storage
  • 16GB RAM
  • 4,520 mAh battery
  • 67W charging

It launches October 19th per OnePlus’ confirmation.

Analysis: Premium Foldable Market Heating Up

The Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open represent an intensifying battle among Android makers in the still-nascent premium foldable phone market.

Foldables Remain A Niche Category

Foldables comprise less than 1% of global smartphone sales still. The high prices over $1000 restrict wider adoption.

But Samsung’s dominance of early foldable genrations compels rivals to compete for prestige.

Premium Branding Crucial

With foldables remaining aspirational, premium branding and product identities matter greatly.

OnePlus leveraging its historic “flagship killer” ethos makes strategic sense against pricier Galaxys.

Segment Share Still Up for Grabs

Samsung currently leads foldables by far with an estimated 62% market share.

But major players all want an early foothold as costs decrease and tech improves over time.

Unique Selling Points Key For Now

Pixel Fold’s thinness and OnePlus’ rumored title heighten distinct identities in a niche but high-profile category.

As the market expands, unique strengths will help brands stand out and attract early adopters.


OnePlus’ leaked “thinnest foldable” marketing claim raises the stakes in distinguishing premium offerings. While foldables remain a small market today, establishing differentiation now can pay dividends as prices fall and foldables eventually enter the mainstream. With its focus on stylish thinness, Google must continue finding unique advantages to avoid losing ground to ascendant challengers.

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