PC vs. Console – What is Best For Gaming in 2023?

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Is PC or Console Gaming Better in 2023?

There are countless debates within the gaming community about what experiences are superior. Some believe that playing with a keyboard and mouse is the best option, while others love using controllers.

No debate, however, reaches the same level as the PC vs. console debate, as gamers can argue for hours about the merits of each. If you are considering a new gaming system in 2023, for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering whether to buy a gaming PC or a console.

Below is a guide that explains how you can play poker online and enjoy other games in the most effective possible way.

Consoles Win on Price

The current generation consoles, which include the Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, are much more affordable than comparable computers.

Even if you find a great deal on a gaming desktop or laptop, you would pay more for the same performance than if you were to buy a console. The Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch are the cheapest current generation consoles, and you can play modern games on them in decent quality.

Those who only have 1080p televisions or monitors would be very happy with the Xbox Series S. All new games that come out on the Xbox run on the Series S, with most achieving 60 frames per second.

If you care about price, but also want to enjoy a lot of exclusive games, then a PlayStation 5 may be your best bet. PlayStation has a lot more exclusives than Xbox, while all Xbox exclusives are also playable on computers or through their games streaming service.

Graphics Card Woes

Building a gaming PC is never the best option in terms of price to performance. Even if you were to buy each part on sale and put together the computer, you would still be paying $200 or $300 more than a console for the same performance.

The advantages of PC gaming, in the past, were that you could pay a little more money to get better performance. Where console games were limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second, you could achieve 1080p60 or even 1440p60 paying a few hundred dollars more for a great gaming PC.

The past two years, however, have brought a halt to that ambition. Graphics cards are in extreme shortage, due to global supply chain issues and the rise of cryptocurrency mining. That means you may have to pay $500 or $600 more to get slightly better performance than what you would achieve with a console.

If you are determined to build a gaming PC, you may want to build one with a processor that includes integrated graphics. Then you can build your PC, use the integrated graphics to play older games, and wait for the graphics card of your choice to come down in price.

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Nothing Beats the Flexibility of a Computer

People who care more about maximum performance than price should not buy a console. Even the best consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, are not comparable to high-end PC gaming.

When you buy the latest and greatest graphics card, along with a great processor and other components for your computer, you can achieve 1440p graphics at 120 frames per second. That is peak performance, allowing you to enjoy the latest games on the best possible settings.

Aside from playing games at the highest quality, a high-end computer is also helpful for other tasks. You can edit photos and videos in quick time, compile Excel spreadsheets without any slowdown, run various programs, and have 100s of browser tabs open without running out of RAM.

If you are in the market for a high-end computer, and you also enjoy gaming, then buying a computer and console would not make sense. You are better off building a quality gaming PC that would last you seven to eight years without the need for any major upgrades.

Beats the Flexibility of a Computer
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Game the Way You Prefer

Gaming is not about choosing sides. Whether you enjoy playing on a PlayStation, gaming PC, Nintendo Switch, or your smartphone, you are still a gamer.

The guide above explains how you can save money by gaming on consoles, especially with the graphics card shortages. People who have different priorities, rather than saving money, can still get a great experience when buying a gaming PC. You can play games, edit photos and videos, do work, and perform other tasks on a gaming laptop or desktop.

Choose the system that will fit your circumstances in the best way.

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