What PMP Certification can Bring to Me?

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Through taking PMP exam prep and training, I have mastered the basic procedures of managing projects and I am able to be clear about each step in project management processes. I can understand what needs to be exported and how to make sure the quality of a project. Then, a question comes, what is PMP?

What Is PMP Certification?

PMP is the abbreviation of Project Management Professional, a certification exam established by PMI, Project Management Institute in the US. By learning the knowledge system of the certificate, candidates can understand the standards of project management. To put it simply, taking the certification exam can improve your abilities and make the recruiters believe that your abilities can reach the criterion of project management.

What PMP Certification Can Bring to me?

In my previous work, I was responsible for the life cycle management of products. I did not have complete project management experience. Most of the time, I was doing my work out of intuition and followed the basic project procedures. In fact, there were many departments that need to be coordinated. That is to say, there were a plenty of relevant stakeholders, involving development, operation, brands, channels, customer services, and clients and so on. Before I got in touch with PMP, I did not collect enough demands from different parties, which led to the frequent changes in work. Sometimes, I had to work late at night to tackle these problems. I was exhausted at that time. It could be said that the project management was a big failure. Then, I started reflecting on myself. I started thinking about whether there is a set of streamlined mechanism that can manage our work effectively and efficiently. Then, we discovered PMP. Through studying PMP certification content, a concept that the collection of demands from different parties is important to stakeholder management is formed in my mind. Hereafter, I began my road of being a professionalized project manager.

At the same time, after communicating with my classmates, I found that some of them are promoted because they get more professional in work while some resign their jobs to create their own enterprises and some conduct projects at broad.

Therefore, as we can see, PMP can not only enhance your theoretical basis, but improve the thinking mode of project management employees. Furthermore, it brings more methods in practices. With theories, practices, a good thinking pattern, you can get more opportunities, the more importantly, abilities strengthened.

How to Prepare for PMP Exam?

PMP exam prep exercises your mind and tests your persistence. Most PMP exam candidates are not college students but employees. Apart from tackling with the stress from work, trivial matters from life and family relationship, to pass the exam, they have to focus on reading many materials. When I was preparing for the PMP exam, I was confronted with great challenges.

One of the important things to increase the possibility of passing the exam is to study the textbook. Then, you need to understand cases. The cases here are not long articles, but detailed questions that you need to choose an answer for. The last is to do many SPOTO PMP exam sample questions.

You can deconstruct the process of learning. For instance, divide the content of the book into four major structures and ten major knowledge domains as well as five major process groups so that you can sort out the knowledge. Then, you can further deconstruct the knowledge based on the ten major knowledge domains and five major process groups into the application of each knowledge point in project management. Then, do corresponding questions. Even though your main purpose is to pass the exam, you can acquire a lot during the preparation like practicing the way of thinking.

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