Rust Survival Game: Top Factors that Beginners should Keep in their Mind

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Rust is a survival game in which a player has to survive for a more extended period of time to win the game. This game is similar to the other war games in which a player has to kill his/her opponents to survive for a longer period of time. This includes so much of the struggle as you will find different types of players in it. Beginners need to take care of so many factors before starting playing this game as their opponents can be experts, and they can be beginners like them. They need to be prepared for every situation as it will take them towards winning the game. You need to be very attentive while playing the game, and a single mistake can give a chance to your opponent to kill you.

Besides the features and the concept of the game, there are other things also which make your game easy, and using them; you can easily kill your opponents. These things include the rust cheats and hacks, which will make your game easy and help you to remove obstacles that come your way. A beginner needs to choose a server with which he/she is comfortable as the game will offer you so many different types of servers. Let’s check out these tips in brief. 

  • Choose your favorable server

Rust offers you so many different types of servers in the game, and you have to choose one out of them with which you are comfortable and is convenient for you. Every server has different traits and rules, and you have to choose one out of them. It is upto you that in which kind of server you want to play, one will let you compete with your enemies, and you have to kill them to win the game, the other will make you alone, and you can build up your own woodland cabin in it. Rust includes three types of servers in it, official, community, and modded. The official server is designed by the game itself, and you will find so many people in it. The other two servers are designed by the players themselves, and they will give you so much fun. The choice is yours to choose which one out of them.

  • Look for food and water

This game is different from other war games as it will put you in difficult situations, and you have to be attentive to that. The game will create a bit difficult situation for you, and you should be prepared to tackle it. You should always find food and water for yourself as it becomes easy for the opponents to kill you if you are out of them. Your character will die quickly if he starves for food and water, and you should make him full with that whenever you get a chance to do so. 

  • Select a location for the camp 

After surviving starvation, you need to find an excellent place to stay. You need to build your shelter on your own, and no one will be there in the game to help you. You have to find a safe place for your shelter and a place where you will get all the utilities you want. Building your shelter on the mountain is a bad idea as your rivals can easily see you out there; building the camp on a landmark is also a wrong idea as your enemies can easily approach you by seeing you on the map. You need to build the camp at a place where you will be safe, and no one will see you, and you will also not get hungry and thirsty there. All these factors are essential to be watched before selecting a place. 

  • Pick up essentials find on the way 

You should pick up the essential resources which you will find on your way. This is because these resources will help you at the campsite where you are going to stay. You will also get resources to build up your camp. This is all set up by the server, and the quantity differs in them. You need to be very careful while moving to the place where you are going to build your camp as these resources can be very helpful for you and help you in your survival. You should look for tree stumps, stones, hemp plants, barriers, and so on.

  • Construct a plain shelter

The shelter you are going to build yourself should be plain and straightforward enough that you can easily store your essentials in it. Your camp should not contain so many pockets in it, and it should be simple enough to store your items, craft tools, repair gear, cook food, and sleep. The base should be well-protected as your rivals should not be able to kill you while you are inside it. Start building your camp with small stones that will protect you from bullets and explosions. This will work until you get the resources for making a metal; wall for your shelter.

  • Collect the weapons

It doesn’t matter that which type of server you are playing; you need to collect every type of weapon. The weapons which can make high damage should not be left by you and you should collect all of them as they will be beneficial to kill your opponents easily. You will need weapons to defend yourself in the game, and they will work the best for you. You will only get a simple weapon at the beginning of the game, and it will be upgraded to higher levels. If you want them to use earlier, then you need to collect them on your own.


Rust is a game in which you have to save yourself from your opponents and have to survive for a long time to win the game. Cheats and hacks help you the best for this, along with the tips that have been discussed above, which are Choose your favorable server, Look for food and water, Select a location for the camp, Pick up essentials find on the way, Construct a plain shelter and Collect the weapons.

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