Satellite TV Vs Time Warner Cable – What to Choose?

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Since man landed on the moon, television has already been part of man’s leisure time. It has already been part of man’s seeking behavior towards his environment and society. Until the advent of the internet, television was considered to be the window of man to the world. It deviates reality from imagination by making things within the reach of mankind’s vision.

 Now, television is just more than a window to the world. It becomes one of the finest appliances men could ever enjoy during his past times. Television today is just more than a luxury, a necessity, and a piece of rare elements covered by plastics. It has now become part of every man’s existence.

It is for that reason that most individuals value the quality of the services they received for their precious television. With the emergence of high definition televisions, citizens of this generation will not settle for a black and white reception. They demand quality, the highest definition their television’s picture tube could offer.

It was then that the battle began when the availability of satellite TV has been offered in the market. Now, cable TV made a resistance claiming that they still got the best qualities in town. Cable companies like Time Warner Cable could attest to that.

To give the readers a better way to reflect on which is better, let us consider some of the points that might help them decide on which to choose.

  1. Video Quality and number of channels

No doubt, satellite TV offers more channels than cable TV. In addition to the number of channels, satellite TV also has the best picture quality in terms of high definition channels and sound quality.

Time Warner Cable only offers fix number of channels that are considered to be obsolete considering that every family nowadays is becoming global. They want to have better reception with a variety of channels to choose from.

  1. Price

Although satellite TV is much more expensive than Time Warner Cable, satellite TV also has some offers and bundles that you can’t resist.  Examples of these services include DVR recorder, Internet connections, and as well as telephone connectivity. Cable connections on the other hand are cheaper with minimal channels available with no extra services that each customer would really want to grab.

  1. Customer service

Since there only 2 major distributors of satellite televisions, the competition is driven by the quality of services they deliver to their customers especially in dealing with customers’ concerns and comments. Unlike some of the cable TV companies, where it takes time to respond to some concerns, satellite TV is doing the opposite. They act before anyone complains.

  1. Reliability

During bad weather, satellite TV is considered to be the champion. During storms and after storms, you can count on satellite TV because it goes back on its own. Unlike cable connections, during bad weather, the entire community suffers from signal lost

The article is not biased. It is based on thorough research and observation. In the end, it is always the customers’ discretion that has the last say. The only truth is this. Although satellite TV advanced already, wired connections are still the most stable connections. Find out if Time Warner Cable is accessible in your area. They offer the best cable connection in the US.

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