A Closer Look at How Your Web Design Can Affect Your SEO

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Web design plays a key role in your website’s ranking. A user-friendly website can keep visitors engaged for a more extended time and reduce bounce rates. Implementing a few SEO practices while designing your website can help your website rank higher in search engines.

This article will highlight a few factors that may help you improve your website design regarding on-page SEO.

Web Design and SEO: How Responsive Design Affects Rank
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Navigation Structure

Your website’s navigation structure directly impacts your conversion, engagement, and bounce rate. In addition to search engine ranking, these factors will help you generate more revenue. 

Here is how you can create a simple navigation structure.

  • Create a simple main menu by reducing the number of items
  • Use easy-to-read terms in the main menu
  • Display the main menu on all pages of your site, preferably on top of the page, for easy access
  • Keep the URL of each page concise, clear, and descriptive


We can not disregard the fact that high-quality and exciting images increase engagement rates, but overuse of images can reduce page load time. The information provided by a Webflow developer recommends using alt text with keywords.  As search engines do not understand images, they will use alt text to understand that image is relevant to the content. Compressed images also reduce load time.

Responsive Design

Google recommends mobile-friendly websites due to the increasing usage of mobile devices. Creating a responsive design can help you gain traffic to your website. Make sure all the information on your website displays correctly on all devices.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is one of the critical SEO factors. It should not take more than one second to load a web page. 

The following tips can help you reduce load time.

  • Compress images before updating on a web page
  • Minimize redirects usage and HTTP requests
  • Get a reliable hosting plan
  • Minify JS and CSS files

Reading Experience 

Most developers overlook this critical SEO factor, and as a result, their website does not provide clear answers to the user’s questions, causing them to jump to another website. Make sure your website provides enough information. Easy-to-read web information can increase engagement and on-page time as well as reduce bounce rate.

Keep the following tips in mind to improve the reading experience.

  • Choose light background color, dark and appropriate size of fonts
  • Use easy to read font
  • Make different sections on web pages to increase readability
  • Make use of H1, H2, H3, and bullet points
  • Write concise taglines and include a call to action


Some websites show pops when a user opens a webpage. It loses credibility when a user is trying to get some information and advertising pop-ups appear on the screen. Sometimes users get frustrated and switch to another website. If you want to add a popup, ensure it appears at least 30 seconds after a user lands on your website.

Does web design affect SEO?
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SEO of a site is greatly affected by the header tags. These tags give visitors an insight into what they will read ahead and help search engines understand what the website is about. So, these headings should be catchy, so the reader continues to read instead of going back to the search engine and looking for something else. There are 6 types of header tags H1, H2, H3, and so on. The H1 tag should be used only once and the other tags can be used multiple times on a page.  

Add Reviews To the Design of Your Web Page 

Reviews are essential for SEO ranking and the target audience. Therefore, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews on your page because this will consist of keywords that are relevant to your site. This, in turn, will increase traffic. The reviews also appear on the rich snippet section of Google, where the customers can directly click through your website. Doing so will also help your customers trust you right away.

Call-to-Action Buttons 

Not everyone visiting your website has the time to fill out the long forms. For that, you should ensure that you have a call to action button on the front page right in front of a visitor. Your phone number, email address, location, and call to action should be prominent on the home page.

Turn to a Good Web Designer 

A good web developer highlights the services while subtly converting those visitors into loyal customers. The user experience is enhanced through a good web design because a good design of a website highlights its services or products.

If you cannot get the desired results after implementing different SEO strategies, make sure you follow the web design tips discussed above.

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