John Lasseter and Skydance Animation Announce ‘Spellbound’ Cast Info

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Apple TV+ has struck gold this time – winning the opportunity to debut ‘Spellbound’ upon its release. Set to run as an Apple Original Films masterpiece, this animated musical showcases the talent of John Lasseter and the rest of the team at Skydance Animation.

Many talented actors have hopped onboard as well, hoping to add to the magic through their voice acting expertise. Between its all-star cast and magnificent animation team, there’s no doubt that this film will get viewers singing, dancing, and having a wonderful time on its upcoming release date of Aug. 5, and beyond.

‘Spellbound’ Sets a Stunning Story to Music

‘Spellbound’ promises to delight with its whimsical tale of a spirited teen girl, Princess Ellian, on a mission to unite her kingdom by breaking the spell that originally split it apart. Pairing pure fantasy with an awarding coming of age story, this film lets whimsy dance through the ordinary – and it does it all set to beautiful music.

A true musical through and through, ‘Spellbound’ boasts a score by Alan Menken, an Oscar-winning songwriter known for his work on ‘Aladdin,’ ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and many others. Glenn Slater will bring his expertise honed while making ‘Tangled’ to create the lyrics that guide the story forward. Chris Montan comes in as the executive music producer to help bring everything together.

As for the script, that masterpiece comes from the joint work of Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek. To make sure all goes to plan, John Lasseter will help oversee the entire production with help from other producers, like David Ellison, David Lipman, and Dana Goldberg.

Brilliant Cast Brings the Animated Musical to Life

In addition to the team at Skydance Animation working hard behind the scenes, many talented actors have agreed to help the animated musical come to life, including:

Rachel Zegler

Initial news reports on ‘Spellbound’ by John Lasseter and the team at Skydance Animation point to Rachel Zegler as the star of the show. Set to voice Princess Ellian, this standout star of ‘West Side Story’ fame has the chops needed for this fearless character.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman promises to bring her endless star power to the role of Ellsmere, the Queen of Lumbria. She will serve both kind and just in offering her daughter, Ellian, guidance, and support as she aims to use her magical powers for good.

Javier Bardem

On the other side of the equation is the King of Lumbria, Solon, who will get voiced by none other than Javier Bardem. With his recent role in ‘Dune,’ this actor promises to drive interest in the film while adding flair to his not-so-modest, yet super kind character.

Additional Characters

Beyond the big three central characters, many other famous names joined the cast, including:

  • John Lithgow as Minister Bolinar
  • Jennifer Lewis as Minister Nazara Prone
  • Jordan Fischer as Callan

Beyond all those stars, Nathan Lane and Andre De Shields will serve as the Oracles of the Sun and Moon.

And There’s, Even More, to Come from Skydance Animation

Skydance Animation has undoubtedly knocked it out of the park with their new animated musical, ‘Spellbound.’ But that’s not all they have in the works. Also set to release on Apple TV+ on Aug. 5 is their first animated feature, ‘Luck.’

In addition to running their works through this streaming service, there have been talks of a theatrical release as well. Only time will tell if that comes to be, but for now, it’s best to get ready to tune in at home.

When you finish up with both films, skip on over to ‘Wondla’ as well to see John Lasseter and the team’s efforts in creating an all-new animated series. With so many excellent Skydance Animation releases set to come out in August, it’ll be easy to stay busy watching fun musicals, feature films, and animated series to remember.

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