Steam Game Spooky Men Costs $1 Million, Is It Worth It?

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“Spooky Men,” an early access horror co-op game on Steam, has been listed at an astonishing price of $1 million. It’s the latest eyebrow-raising pricing stunt by a publisher on the popular gaming platform Valve, where developers enjoy the liberty to set their own game prices.

This trend was spotlighted a while back when “The Hidden and Unknown,” a game with a playtime of just a few hours, was listed at a jaw-dropping $1,999.90. As shocking as that price was, “Spooky Men” has overshadowed it with its seven-figure price tag.

Developed by Bloody Bear, “Spooky Men” was released on May 9, 2023. Interestingly, the game had an affordable launch price and was reportedly even sold for a mere $0.59 at one point, as per SteamDB. But despite its budget-friendly initial price, it garnered mostly negative reviews. After its price sky-rocketed, however, its overall reception on Steam shifted from predominantly negative to a mix of reviews. It’s worth noting, though, that many of the recent reviews appear to be satirical, likely in response to the game’s extreme price. Additionally, you can also read on – Roblox unblocked

Despite the million-dollar price tag, some gamers have still managed to play “Spooky Men” without breaking the bank, thanks to free codes being given out by the developer on Discord.

As for the gameplay, “Spooky Men” can accommodate up to 8 players who must navigate and survive a haunted house. It allows for an asymmetric multiplayer experience, where players can be either humans trying to escape or a ghost set on thwarting their plans. It’s an intriguing concept reminiscent of games like Phasmophobia, but the execution of the idea seems to have fallen short, at least according to early reviews. 

Nevertheless, being an early access game, “Spooky Men” has the potential to see significant updates and improvements over time. And, paradoxically, its exorbitant price might end up drawing more attention to it. It has already stirred up conversations on social media, and the prospect of winning the million-dollar game through a Discord giveaway might lure even more potential players.

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