Why are Hyper-Casual Games So Massive?

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‘Casual gaming’ is a concept that’s only really started picking up steam in the past decade. While gaming in all styles and values is now considered fairly mainstream, the idea that you can play games ‘casually’ as opposed to ‘intensively’ is a bit of an odd one.

 Hyper-casual games are those that you can just pick up and enjoy without the need to worry about extensive hardware or learning curves. These are games and apps you may find available for smartphones, or casino titles you may come across via Vegas Bonus 360 or elsewhere on the web.

 But – why are they still so popular – and will they stick around for the long haul?

Everyone can enjoy hyper-casual gaming

Hyper-casual gaming has no boundaries and no entry requirements. Anyone with a smartphone or a tablet has the ability to head to an app store and download a game that they can play during a little downtime. There’s no need to worry about looking for five-star brands or the latest graphics (unless that’s something you deeply care about).

The fact is, gaming has opened up massively because of the mobile revolution. This means that generations and demographics who otherwise won’t be too worried about getting into PC or console gaming can just load up an app and spend a little time on their mobile devices.

 It’s a time-passer

 With some console and PC games, you’ll need to put time aside to really get into big adventures, or to plan strategies with teammates online. Gaming has gotten quite intensive in one way – to the point that for many people, it’s a lifestyle. On the other hand, some even play games for a living.

 Hyper-casual gaming, however, is easy to just pick up and enjoy on the go. You may be riding public transit, waiting to be seen by a doctor or dentist, or just trying to pass time while waiting on something important. Hyper-casual games are endlessly enjoyable simply for the diversion factor. It’s not like gearing up for a massive LoL session.

 They are timeless

 As technology evolves and upgrades, it’s easy to assume that games such as those available on mobile devices will fall behind the pack. However, hyper-casual titles are designed to be timelessly enjoyable. Games such as Angry Birds, for example, are still hugely popular even some 10-15 years on. The fact is, mobile devices are unlikely to change much in terms of gaming potential – even though some are able to run more graphically impressive games than ever before.

 Crucially, hyper-casual gaming is now ingrained in our culture. Gamers are no longer just one demographic, and the ‘free to play’ factor for many of these titles will likely make them all the more appealing for the years to come.

 If you have a smartphone, you may have a favorite game to play even if you’re not much of a ‘gamer’ – it’s incredible how far we’ve come!

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