Yesbackpage: Top 17 Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2023

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Yesbackpage convinced many once-loyal customers to switch to its substitutes by discontinuing the popular classified advertisement website. Anyone from anywhere in the world can use the classified website to offer a variety of services, including property listings, job ads, pornography services, dating services, and more.

YesBackpage is a backpage alternative that includes all of the backpage’s features and functionalities until it is taken down by the government. The primary feature of Yesbackpages is that it contains all of America’s and Canada’s nations and states, as well as additional city-specific classifieds to deal with any of the products stated. is a website that allows users to submit free classified ads in a variety of categories and by different areas and cities, all in the same format as the original. Yesbackpage is currently the best – raw and true – alternative to Craigslist, as it was several decades ago.

What Is Yesbackpage and What Does It Mean? was one of the main competitors in filling the void left by Backpage. It has the same appearance as the backpage of the original advertisement poster. In addition, depending on your demands, this helpful post has some suggestions from Yesbackpages.

17 Best Alternatives 

Best Alternatives The Marketplace was created in 2017 when the number of regular merchants and customers on Facebook hit 450 million.

It was initially exclusively available to inhabitants of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand via the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. Although its features soon garnered a lot of popularity, and its services, along with its PC version, were quickly expanded to 50 nations. 

Based in Washington, is a worldwide recognized and accepted startup. As of today, it has assisted in meeting the needs of almost 3 million tourists.

Even though it is new, the platform is already being viewed as a major competitor to existing platforms on the market. Furthermore, the organization values its customers’ security and privacy. As a result, it takes responsibility for consumer confidentiality and safety into its own hands.

Additionally, the website emphasizes completely free services to users while submitting an ad in any part of the world.


Geebo is a marketplace for people in the United States. Consumers may find practically anything using the search bar. The user can even change the location of where he or she lives, making it simple to find things nearby. Geebo has columns to help customers locate what they’re looking for, such as items, automobiles, work, leases, roommates, and so on. Customers can explore all types of postings on Geebo using the AdWatch tab. When a client needs to sell something, there is a small button in the upper right corner.

In 2016, Networks, a successor to, launched in the classified ad market. For Android and iPhone, only the Channels software is available. For commenting on subjects such as sales, sports, or travel plans, it requires a simple interface, something amusing or entertaining. This assures that the back page’s actual position, as well as the location on the map, will be geotagged automatically.


In the category-based search, the Channels app allows you to subscribe to channels and initiate group chats with other subscribers. To preserve the anonymity of its users, it has evolved as a simple classified ad website.

Ibackpage is a competitor to YesBackpage. covers a wide range of topics, including retail, entertainment, dating, and jobs, among others. Manufacturers, start-up firms, and service providers can all benefit from solid global listing solutions, according to Ibackpage. The listing service is free, and stringent consistency criteria are followed to provide an excellent customer experience.

Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time is the highest-rated commercially in the world, and it is one of the top advertisement sites in 2018. Easy on-site access is feasible with any basic Yesbackpage Interface. It is simple to accomplish, and many cities and areas benefit from it.

You can find a variety of categories on, including leasing, equipment, jobs, real estate, and more. The website allows users to view, amend, and delete local adverts at any time.


In this list, another popular alternative is Bedpage. This was created in 2017 in Los Angeles, California, for desktop use. Although the Bedpage has some of the same categories as YesBackpage, it has managed to establish its own identity.

Despite being a newcomer to the market, it receives over 3 million visitors every month. The 24-hour chat assistance and the ability to purchase credits with credit, debit, or gift cards are two features that set Bedpage apart from the competition.


It launched a free and simple user platform for local retail and online transactions in 2014. 5Smiles is an excellent alternative to YesBackpages. Yes, it’s a comfortable and secure environment that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to share things via mobile phones. Like a selfie, it sold 5,000 copies online. The software allows you to scan images in your immediate neighborhood in order to maximize sales. You may now make lists of your favorite things, follow the 5-mile list of intriguing merchant items, and reconnect with them.


It is an app that allows you to sell and buy used products from strangers. Rozella is a strong candidate in the list of finest YesBackpage alternatives because of this functionality. This is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of both sellers and purchasers.

Prepaid shipping labels for vendors are one of its unique features. Rezella’s other significant characteristics include simple functionalities, a simple form-filling process, fantastic deals, secure escrow payments, and a no-questions-asked refund policy!


FinderMaster FinderMaster should also be considered as one of the best YesBackpage alternatives. The public interface for this site is straightforward, and you can browse the region using a map or the onsite menus.

This site contains all of the standard elements of a classified ad site, such as the ability to upload photographs and integrate a map address within the listings. It also has some unique features, such as the ability to create a favorite ad list and hide your phone number.

Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Apartment Therapy’s marketplace is the greatest design-only platform to shop and sell, especially for folks who are downsizing or expanding their homes. As intended, Apartment Therapy Marketplace is considered as such. It’s a local-meets-global marketplace for elegantly designed home-related products that’s safe, secure, and simple to use. It is widely regarded as the greatest alternative to Its mobile app allows you to quickly find nearby items, contact sellers, and create listings. On the move, access your favorites, manage your listings, and keep up with your inbox messages.

Osliki Classified

Except for a few unique features, Osliki Classifieds is comparable to other classified sites. This is a free classified website that sells used and used things. The website of Osliki Classifieds checks all of the buyer and seller’s information before proceeding to the payment process. The Osliki Classifieds is one of the safest places to purchase and sell anything.


PeerHub is another simple platform that closely follows the advertising recommendations for users. The platform’s major goal was to create a more realistic experience for consumers with recommended options by providing better services. PeerHub claims to be a good online marketplace for buying and selling both traditional and unusual items.

The most important feature of PeerHub is that it provides a free try-before-you-buy service via the platform, allowing users to choose their own selling and buying prices.


Craigslist has dominated the classified advertising sector since its inception. Craig Newmark organized it in San Francisco, California in 1995. There are almost 55 million visits per month. Meanwhile, a fee-based program was implemented to boost performance. The free ad posting option on this website appears to be popular with many people. Okay, Craigslist has extended to over 100 countries, providing basic classified ads and job searches to people all around the world. Craigslist will now be used by users to upgrade their smartphone apps.


If you haven’t heard of OLX, you’ve most likely been living under a rock. OLX is the world’s most popular online classifieds site. Since its inception in 2006, OLX has grown to include 40 countries and over 200 million monthly active users.

One of the most significant advantages that OLX has over its competitors is that it is extremely active in advertising its products, resulting in quick growth. Users will be able to sell or buy more things as a result of this.

OLX offers the following product categories: Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Commercial Vehicle Cars Motorcycle Mobile Phones Using OLX is simple; simply download the app (or go to the website), establish an account, and start posting. It is completely free to use and has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface.


eBay Classified, like OLX, is a behemoth when it comes to online shopping and selling. It has millions of users and could be a good substitute for Yesbackpage.

In the tech world, eBay shines and outperforms its competitors. If you’re a techie, there’s no better place to find and buy used or refurbished gadgets, cellphones, laptops, and other electronics for a lower cost.

Motors Electronics Toys Homes and Garden Motors Sporting Goods Motors Electronics Toys Homes and Garden Motors Sporting Goods If you are a seller on eBay, you have an advantage because you will receive complete information on interested customers on the app itself. Simply download the app or go to the website, register, and then list your goods. Personal advertising can be used for a period of 30 days.

So, if you’re looking to sell or purchase a used item, eBay has the best network of buyers and sellers. All of this is made easier by creating an Android and iOS app that is well-tuned.


Oodle is a one-of-a-kind app, but it’s no slouch. To offer you the greatest products, they search the web and extract adverts from other websites. One advantage that Oodle has because of this process is that you won’t get a spanned product because they monitor the items.

Vehicles, Real Estate, Merchandise Jobs, Pets Tickets, Personal Community Services, Rentals, Oodle is a huge brand that has been covered in some of the notable countries such as the UK, US, India, and Ireland. It’s been there for over a decade.

It’s ideal for buyers, but not so much for sellers if their goods aren’t worth the money. Buyers can compare two products using their straightforward interface, which will clear up any confusion.

Simply go to the site, register, and then start selling your wares. It’s worth noting that, unlike the majority of its competitors, it lacks apps. It’s worth noting that, unlike the majority of its competitors, it lacks apps.


Our next recommendation is OfferUp. It’s a free smartphone application that lets you buy and sell almost anything. With 23 million app downloads, this platform has a large number of product listings and is becoming more popular.

The software assists the user in locating the greatest deals on items they desire as well as making money on items they wish to sell.

Buyers may find anything from appliances and antiques to clothing and gadgets in their respective areas using an easy, picture-heavy interface. OfferUp has a variety of categories, including electronics, clothing, furniture, cell phones, and more.


As an alternative to YesBackpage, the sites listed above are a good fit for expanding functionality. The widespread acceptance of these applications reflects the dedication and sacrifices made to give clients the finest available capabilities.

The website feedback, on the other hand, is a reflection of reasonable engagement and efficiency beliefs. Portals cater to users’ needs while also being a better option for various web service providers. The options than provide an absolute method for locating the greatest feasible solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is YesBackpage regarded as the greatest backpage classifieds alternative?

Following the closure of the most popular classified website in the United States, YesBackpage was founded to take its place. YesBackpage, a backpage alternative website, quickly gained popularity within the backpage community. Thousands of backpage users began to utilise YesBackpage classifieds, the most popular backpage replacement website, to post free adverts. YesBackpage Classifieds resurrected the backpage community by allowing users to submit free classified advertising in many categories and cities, much like they could on the original backpage website.

People can upload and publish their free classified adverts in a matter of seconds at this new backpage alternative website: YesBackpage classifieds, which is similar to backpage classifieds. Yes, Backpage classifieds includes all of the categories and subcategories found on YesBackpage has established itself as the number one backpage alternative website from 2018 to 2020 due to high traffic and real advertisement posters similar to backpage website, and people consider YesBackpage to be the new backpage replacement website where anyone can successfully promote their businesses and services for free.

Why do people prefer YesBackpage as a classified ad?

People from all around the world used the backpage classified website to publish a variety of adverts, including real estate listings, job postings, and property for sale/purchase. Adult services and dating services were the most popular parts of backpage classifieds, and consumers mostly visited backpage to discover adult services or dating services related deals. People mostly use YesBackpage classifieds to discover local dating services or adult services related adverts, similar to backpage classifieds.

YesBackpage allows users to publish many types of adult services adverts, such as female escorts, body rubs, male escorts, transsexual ads, strippers and strip clubs, adult jobs, and so on. If you’re an independent female escort looking to promote your services online, YesBackpage is the perfect place to go. Backpage users looking for a gorgeous female escort to fulfil their sexual demands will find you there.

Escort companies also use YesBackpage classifieds to list their escort adverts in order to attract clients for their escort services. By publishing advertising in the YesBackpage body rubs section, body rubs establishments are able to reach thousands of individuals and potential consumers. YesBackpage is a cheaper and more successful way to promote body rub services in the local neighbourhood than advertising in the local newspaper.

Independent body massage providers and body rub shop owners from all around the world are successfully promoting their companies and services through the YesBackpage ads. It’s often difficult to find reputable strippers and strip clubs in your area, but with YesBackpage, you can simply find well-trained strippers and strip clubs in your area. Strippers and strip club owners regularly advertise their services in the YesBackpage ads.

Male escorts are also advertising in the YesBackpage’s male escorts section to find new clients, in addition to female escorts. As a woman, you may now fully satisfy your sexual cravings by engaging a well-trained and attractive male escorts service provider from the YesBackpage website. Apart from this, all other types of adult services-related ads are regularly put in the real backpage alternative website, YesBackpage classifieds, so that visitors to YesBackpage can locate any form of adult services from the list of advertisements displayed in YesBackpage classifieds.

Is It popular as a dating service provider?

Until 2018, the Backpage dating services area was a popular way to meet local soul mates and have a casual encounter. YesBackpage dating services, like backpage classifieds, is growing in popularity every day, and more backpage users are exhibiting interest in this YesBackpage dating services sector.

If you are a lady looking for a man who can be your true soul mate, the YesBackpage women seeking men area has several advertising. Similarly, the YesBackpage men seeking women section might help you find a local date companion. Yes, the Backpage dating services section includes casual dating services for women looking for women and men looking for men. There is also a dating option for the transsexual population in the YesBackpage category. YesBackpage is also giving dating services for transsexual persons so that they may easily find their local transgender date match in the YesBackpage transsexual (TS) dating section to honor the backpage transgender users.

How can I get started with YesBackpage’s free classifieds?

As a poster, you must first register a free YesBackpage account using your email address, and then you must authenticate your YesBackpage account. Click the confirmation link issued by the YesBackpage classified website to authenticate your account. You can start posting your classified ads for free in this backpage alternative website: YesBackpage classifieds as soon as you confirm and authenticate your YesBackpage account.

Select a city in which you want to advertise your services, then a category and sub-category of services that you provide. Now you must construct a catchy title and a detailed explanation of the services you provide. Try to include as much information as possible about the services you’re providing, such as the exact location, hourly rate, phone number, email address, and contact location. Now press the publish button, and your classified ad will appear on the YesBackpage classified website immediately away.

It is not necessary to create an account as a visitor to the backpage substitute website YesBackpage classifieds. All you have to do is choose a location where you wish to look for the services you need, then a category and subcategory.

You will then be shown a list of adverts for the services you are looking for that have been posted in your local community. Only actual providers are permitted to advertise in our backpage alternative website, YesBackpage classifieds, and all ads on YesBackpage classifieds are regularly moderated to ensure that you don’t see any fraudulent or spam ads. Now, choose the finest offer that meets your needs and contact the service provider by dialing the phone number listed on the advertisement page or sending an email to the poster of the advertisement. Most YesBackpage members will respond to your question within minutes, if not hours, and if the pricing and other information appear reasonable, you can go ahead and provide the services you require.

Is it possible to use YesBackpage classifieds as a substitute for Craigslist personals?

In brief, YesBackpage classifieds may be used as a substitute for craigslist personals because it offers the same services and alternatives as craigslist personals.

For years, the craigslist classified website was the most popular place to post adult ads. Craigslist personals outperformed all other sites in terms of escorts and adult service providers, phone calls, and new clients. Craigslist’s adult service section was shut down in 2011, and it was even labeled “censored” at one point. As a result, has become the world’s most popular website for advertising adult services, dating services, escort services, and other similar services.

Now that craigslist no longer offers an adult part, YesBackpage has emerged as the finest alternative for a personals section on craigslist. The removal of the Backpage personals and Craigslist personals sections boosted YesBackpage’s popularity, and traffic from advertisers and clients continues to increase. Craigslist was hosted and controlled in the United States, making it vulnerable to US laws, which is why the personal part was closed, and YesBackpage became the replacement craigslist personals section alternative advertiser.

Is Yesbackpage the best alternative to Craiglist?

If you’ve previously advertised on Craigslist’s personal section, you may quickly become a member of the YesBackpage website and post your ads on the YesBackpage classified website. YesBackpage classified’s advertising method is very similar to craigslist personals, and your ads will receive similar attention from people all over the world who use craigslist personals to locate adult services, escort services, body rubs, and other similar services.

As a visitor to the craigslist personals part, you will see that comparable adverts are now being posted in the YesBackpage personals sector, much like the advertisement posters in the craigslist personals section.

Many people from the craigslist personals area have already made the switch to YesBackpage personals, and the number is growing every day. As a result, if you were looking for craigslist personal ads such as adult services, dating services, craigslist escorts near you, or body rubs near you, you’ll find them here in YesBackpage personals. In brief, you can use the YesBackpage ads as an alternative to craigslist personals to promote your businesses or services on the internet, just as you did before craigslist personals shut down.

Is using YesBackpage classifieds safe?

YesBackpage believes that no escort service provider or sex worker wants to be arrested, especially if they feel what they’re doing is legal. As a result, YesBackpage is devoted to protecting their consumers, and will only provide information to law enforcement when there is a reasonable suspicion of actual sex trafficking or human slavery, or anything involving child victims of sexual abuse.

What are the disadvantages of using YesBackpage classifieds?

YesBackpage’s worth and integrity have been bolstered by strong recommendations from several in the adult business. If you are not participating in any unlawful activities such as sexual abuse, child prostitution, sex trafficking, or human slavery, you have nothing to worry about when utilizing YesBackpage.

YesBackpage is dedicated to keeping its customers out of trouble, and as a result, all of its users’ data is encrypted and stored on secure servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. When you visit YesBackpage or publish a classified ad on YesBackpage, you can rest certain that your data and communication records are completely secured, ensuring that no one can access or intercept them. YesBackpage has been regarded as the greatest backpage alternative website by people all over the world since 2018. This is due to our commitment to offering the highest level of security and safety to our consumers.

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