YouTube Adds Another TikTok Feature — Live Rings

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YouTube has added a modest new feature that will let you know if a channel is broadcasting live, similar to TikTok and Instagram.

While livestreaming has been available on YouTube since 2016, users will now notice a ring around a channel’s circular emblem with the word “Live” across it, which they can click to go to the stream.

Last Monday, YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan, announced the news on Twitter. A similar ring already exists on TikTok and Instagram, which encircle an account’s profile picture while they’re livestreaming.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has announced a TikTok-inspired makeover. Last year, the business launched YouTube Shorts, a direct competitor to TikTok that promotes short-form videos on YouTube’s mobile app. TikTok’s ability to inspire other Internet startups is well documented: Last year, Netflix added “Kids Clips” to its iOS app in a few regions, a feature that displays short clips from its kid-friendly material.

It’s no wonder that these sites are continually replicating TikTok – after all, it was the most downloaded app on the planet last year.

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