The 3 Spider-Men Shot that Meme Pic Before Anything Else: Garfield

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It must have been a difficult undertaking to have all three Spider-Men together in the same spot at the same time while maintaining as much secret as possible.

The individuals in charge of Spider-Man: No Way Home, according to Andrew Garfield in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! video above, got their priorities straight when it came to putting Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and himself together.

“They put me and Tobey in the costumes and said, ‘We’re going to recreate the meme pretty quickly,'” Garfield recounts, alluding to the trio’s popular recreation of the Spider-Man pointing meme from the comics.

He responds, “That was before we filmed anything.” “We were all put into a set and ordered to point at each other, and I think we got one excellent photo out of the whole thing since the rest of the time we were just giggling and trying not to gaze at each other’s crotches.”

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