Can Affiliate Marketing be a Career?

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Who would not like a career where you are able to earn money without the right structure of a regular 9-5 job? We would venture out to say that a lot of people would like such a career. Well, the good news is that it is, in fact, possible. With affiliate marketing, you will be able to do exactly this.

Affiliate marketing involves recommending certain products or services of an organization or business to your follower base and then getting a cut of the percentage when an eventual sale is made. It will only count as a sale when the sale happens due to your recommendation. You need to be able to influence the purchasing decisions of your followers.

This is a relatively new form of marketing, and it is growing at a very rapid rate. The market’s total size has been estimated to be over 12 billion USD. Industry experts also expect it to grow by at least 10 percent within the upcoming few years.

So, you can see clearly that affiliate marketing is an increasingly profitable sector to build a full-time career in. Let us take a look at some of the more exact reasons why you may want to build a full-time affiliate marketing career.

Pretty Easy to Start

It is very easy to start affiliate marketing, and responsibilities of affiliate marketers are simple too. Let us take a look at how to do it.

First of all, start with deciding which particular niche you will be operating in. If you are fortunate enough to have a particular area of expertise, make sure that you go into that. You can also select a niche you feel you are most comfortable talking about. It totally depends on your individual choices.

After selecting your niche, you then have to decide which medium to use for your affiliate marketing ventures. You basically have three options, but they can also be combined into one. You can make a website, start a channel on Youtube, or even just a page on social media. Or, as we have mentioned before, you can do all three of these things as well.

After making these decisions, you will need to set up either your website or your profile.

Does Not Require a Large Investment

If you have understood the gist of affiliate marketing, you will understand that you are not selling anything. Instead, you are recommending products or services of other people to whatever follower base you have. You can even carry out affiliate marketing on free sites without incurring any costs. However, it is wise to set up a properly designed website, and if this particular task daunts you, you can always get professional help. Setting up a website is not that expensive in 2022.

This really should not be that surprising, but one of the most popular reasons that people become affiliate marketers is exactly this, the incredibly low or zero cost of setting up the business.

You Will Never Be Short of Products

In 2022, anything and everything that can be bought has an active affiliate marketing program behind it. This is incredibly good news for all people who are interested in becoming affiliate marketers. In fact, there will always be a daily stream of products added to online stores you can choose from.

The point we are trying to establish here is the fact that you will never run out of products to market. This is great news for you if you get bored easily as you can just choose a different topic to write on.

When you start off the process of becoming an affiliate marketer you will not have to enter into any contract that will bind you to market anything that you do not want to market. You are completely in charge of what you want to promote.

Also, the fact that you can switch up things, makes this an incredibly satisfying experience as you will hardly ever get bored of your job. If you start to see yourself getting bored, just switch to a different product and you will be good.

The Barrier to Entry Is Extremely Low

This is yet another extremely good reason to start affiliate marketing and make it your primary career. Most other forms of employment will require you to possess certain skills and qualifications to even be considered properly. This is especially true for the current job market where competition for jobs is at a very high level.

None of these things matter with affiliate marketing. You will not need to show any prior particular skill-sets, educational background, or work experience. In reality, all you will need is a working laptop or a good smartphone. You will need these things to both create and also edit content. So, basic skills that are normally required for maintaining websites or social media profiles are all that you need.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

When you are employed by a company or an organization, you will have to answer to someone. With affiliate marketing, that someone is you, i.e. you are your own boss. While there are amazing bosses out there without a shadow of a doubt, it can still feel extremely suffocating to work under someone.

When you take up affiliate marketing, you get to decide how you work. You can set your own working hours and you even have the option of working from literally anywhere in the world. As mentioned above, you also have the ability to choose the products you want to promote.

Final Words

So, as you can clearly see, there are not many other employment opportunities that offer this level of flexibility and freedom. Just the fact that you have the ability to be your own boss is enough to make anyone want to become an affiliate marketer.

Then there is also the fact that it is an extremely lucrative and growing industry. With everything being considered, you will be hard-pressed to find employment options that are as profitable and flexible as this.

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