13 Simple Steps to the Ecommerce Website Development Process

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Creating an online business is the most demanded area today. True, for this it is necessary to take into account a lot of features – the development of branding, an online resource, a specific marketing plan, and more. In fact, no businessman can independently perform such services, therefore e-commerce consulting services is a great opportunity to learn more about where to start and how to better manage a business project in the future to achieve an effective result.

What steps are important to take first?

To create a commercial online resource for selling something, you need to start by agreeing on business goals. To achieve good performance in entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to use the TOP-13 steps:

  1. You need to answer the question: what will be on sale in your online store? Before you think about a specific web development, you need to understand how to make it so that it moves from a small business to a large one in small steps and how to achieve success. Therefore, the choice of goods for sale is a key point that you should think carefully about.
  2. Define the business model of e-commerce. There are only two directions. A business model that implies a “business to business” system or the well-known “B2B” (some companies sell to other enterprises), and there is a second business model, namely, “business to consumer” (interaction occurs between companies directly with customers – ordinary users). The latter can be recognized under the wording “B2C”.
  3. Be aware of your target audience. Understanding who can become a client, who is a potential client, as well as who was a frequent client can complete the opinion on how to do better for them, help to understand them, improve all processes in general. For example, you need to adapt to customers and develop an online store design for them, create a user interface, etc.
  4. Great brand/company name. Whatever business you would be engaged in, you need to come up with a name for the firm, company, brand. Moreover, the essence of the title should be as short as possible. The fewer letters in the title, the better. Few business owners want a two-word name, but originality is always welcome.
  5. Buying a domain name. Before creating an online resource for sales, you should take care of registering a domain. It consists specifically of a combination of certain letters that are not yet on the Internet. The URL should be as readable, intuitive, and memorable as possible.
  6. Deciding on branding. Today, many brands (clothes, smartphones, web products, groceries and food products) are successfully operating in the modern market. It is branding that provides each company with that note of emotional resonance, therefore, in order to combine design solutions, names, and creative architecture, it is important to think through branding to the smallest detail.
  7. Business platform. This has always been difficult, because everything depends on the budget. The more funds a business owner is willing to allocate, the better. You can pay attention to the popular Magento or take a closer look at the equally famous Shopify. WooCommerce with WordPress are also in demand.
  8. Content strategy planning. The plan must be thought out and drawn up in advance. Thanks to the step-by-step plan, you can develop a really cool online resource for further sales, which will pleasantly surprise the target audience. A strategy for each business is always drawn up separately, but the main constituent elements still include text content, large-format photos, creative architecture, high-quality videos, information graphics, and more.
  9. Conducting search engine optimization. Of course, we are talking about the famous and very important SEO. It includes such processes as writing unique headlines and texts, thinking through words, phrases, word combinations, introducing various readable content, and introducing well-known keywords. The latter are especially important, because thanks to keywords, an online store can become a leader in search queries.
  10. Definition of product categories. It is necessary to decide in advance what the business owner wants to trade in the modern market. There are a huge number of classifications of goods, but you need to always select a competitive niche in which there is a chance for rapid and successful development.
  11. Detailed product photos. So that the business owner does not want to sell on a specialized online resource, photo content must be of the highest quality. If this point is missed, then most likely the online resource will quickly lose its rating and become uninteresting to modern buyers. Visual shots will play a key role for users when buying goods.
  12. An effective description of each individual product. Such a factor as a purchase depends on the text. If the client finds advantages, characteristics, additional information in the product description, then he will quickly understand whether he needs this particular product.
  13. Delivery software. Everyone knows that in any online store there should be not only the “Checkout” or “Cart” function, but also the ability to order delivery services. Moreover, delivery should be not only targeted, but also to the post office or by courier to the destination, as well as both in small and wholesale quantities, including express delivery. Choice is always important for customers.

In this way, shopware development services is recommended to order only from expert programmers who will create a strategic plan of action, take responsibility for working with content, and also develop an online store of any complexity for the successful conduct of any business.

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