Apple iPhone 15 Series eSIM-Only Variant to Be Available in More Countries

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This year, Apple may expand the number of countries where its iPhone 15 series with eSIM-only connectivity will be offered. A recent rumor claims that Apple may be open to expanding the availability of the eSIM technology that is built into its iPhone to additional nations.

The beginning of this trend can be traced back to the introduction of the iPhone 14 series the year before last. For the American market, these phones did not include a real SIM slot but instead only offered connectivity via eSIM.

On the other hand, Apple has ensured that the iPhone 14 series for all other regions will continue to feature a physical SIM card slot.

Photo: Apple

According to a story that was published on the French website iGeneration, Apple is rumored to have intentions to make the use of eSIM the sole method by which it can be paired with networks in other nations outside of the United States. According to the information presented, the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models will each feature an eSIM-only option that will be available for purchase in France. The past of Apple suggests that France will not be the only country where this transition is possible to take place. This year, it is speculated that other European nations may join those that have already phased out the use of the actual SIM card port on the iPhone.

The eSIM technology is becoming increasingly popular and is being used by customers in a variety of developed economies. Nevertheless, most people are unable to use eSIM technology because of the technical hurdles that exist in the real world. Instead, they continue to use the traditional physical SIM tray alternative.

Since the release of the iPhone Xs series and the iPhone XR in 2018, the eSIM has been a feature that can be found on the iPhone. Dual SIM connectivity on the iPhone was made possible by Apple’s decision to include both a physical SIM card slot and an electronic SIM card slot (eSIM). Soon after that, competing brands such as Google and Samsung began using the same method.

Apple claims that consumers will be able to configure up to eight eSIM profiles on their iPhone 14 devices. Those who frequently travel from one country to another do not need to continually change their connections because of this.

Apple is rumored to be readying the debut of the next generation of the iPhone for September of this year. Despite this, the business has not yet provided any information regarding the next iPhone 15 series. A recent report suggested that Apple will provide the Dynamic Island feature, which debuted on iPhone 14 Pro models, on all four iPhone 15 models. This feature made its debut on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

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