Netflix Games may be Played on TV, Using Your iPhone as a Controller

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Netflix is expanding its library of games, which presently consists of approximately 40 titles; nevertheless, the streaming platform has more ambitious goals in mind to make the service widely used. It was reported this week that Netflix is interested in bringing video games to large screens and is also reportedly working on a solution to enable users to play the games on their iPhones.

Netflix has recently hinted that it wants games to work on every Netflix device that users own, which should definitely include TVs. Now, a tipster has spotted hints in the iOS code of Netflix that show the prospect of iPhone being used as a gaming controller. Netflix has also recently hinted that it wants games to work on every Netflix device that users own.

The code essentially states that the application requires a controller in order to play the game on the television, and it then inquires as to whether or not the user intends to utilize the mobile device in place of the controller. The presence of this code on the iOS app makes it abundantly evident that iPhone users may soon be able to utilize this compatibility on the Netflix app thanks to the presence of this code.

Netflix’s foray into the gaming industry began in 2021 when the company made available to its users a small selection of original video games. The company has even established a separate gaming branch with the intention of bringing well-known video game titles to the streaming app, which has the potential to develop into a stand-alone product in the future. It is essential for Netflix to have games that function on TV in order to attract serious gamers. Using the iPhone as a controller does feel like a wise move for the firm, as it allows the company to avoid working on a separate controller for its service, which would only add to the expense.

Stadia, Google’s online gaming platform, was discontinued as the company realized that the gaming industry is a competitive and challenging field. It is believed that Netflix is planning to launch a cloud gaming ecosystem in the near future.

The platform has only made its games compatible with mobile devices (Android and iOS) at this time, and there is no support for laptops or TVs. However, in order to achieve the goal of focusing on all Netflix devices, it is imperative that other form factors are also compatible. This will enable the company to increase the number of users who are subscribed to the service.

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