Comparative Analysis of Airlines Offering Bangalore to Mumbai Flights: Soaring Through Options

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Choosing the right airline for your Bangalore to Mumbai flight can take time and effort, with many carriers vying for your patronage. Each airline boasts its unique strengths and caters to specific traveller preferences. To navigate this airfare jungle, let’s delve into a comparative analysis of prominent airlines on this route.

Overview of Bangalore and Mumbai

Before diving into the details, let’s have a quick overview of the two cities involved in our analysis.

Bangalore, or Bengaluru, stands as the capital of Karnataka in southern India, renowned for its dynamic culture, thriving IT industry, and enchanting landscapes. The city is called the “Silicon Valley of India” and accommodates more than 12 million inhabitants. Moreover, the bustling Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is the main airport situated in Bangalore and is approximately 40 kilometers from the central business district.

Conversely, Mumbai is the financial capital title of India and ranks among the world’s most populous cities. It is located on the west coast; Mumbai is celebrated for its vibrant markets, iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India, and the influential Bollywood film industry. With a population surpassing 20 million, Mumbai emerges as a cultural and culinary melting pot. The city’s primary air hub, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM), is strategically located around 28 kilometers from the heart of the city.

Giants of the Sky

Air India: 

The national carrier holds the crown for flight frequency, offering over 30 daily departures and catering to early risers and late-night owls. Budget-conscious travellers find their competitive fares alluring, while the vast network offers convenient onward connections. However, concerns regarding punctuality and in-flight service quality persist. You can check various websites for cheap flights. 

Go First (formerly GoAir)

This no-frills airline targets cost-savvy flyers with its bare-bones approach. Direct flights start at surprisingly low fares but be prepared for limited legroom and baggage allowances. Punctuality is commendable, making it a viable option for quick business trips.

Premium Players


Renowned for its boutique experience, Vistara pampers passengers with plush leather seats, personalized service, and gourmet meals. The onboard ambience exudes sophistication, perfect for discerning travellers seeking comfort and exclusivity. However, expect a premium price tag attached to this refined experience.


Striking a balance between affordability and comfort, Indigo occupies a sweet spot in the market. Spacious legroom, efficient service, and a decent on-time performance record make it a popular choice for business and leisure travellers alike. Their frequent flyer program offers additional perks for loyal customers.

Contenders on the Rise

AirAsia India

This low-cost carrier known for its vibrant brand brings its signature value proposition to the Bangalore-Mumbai route. The focus is delivering the lowest fares, often achieved through dynamic pricing and add-on charges. Punctuality remains a work in progress, but cost-conscious travellers seeking a basic flying experience might find it appealing.


Known for its quirky marketing campaigns and competitive pricing, SpiceJet offers a good mix of value and service. Onboard entertainment options and comfortable seating elevate the travel experience. However, flight delays and cancellations can occasionally mar the journey.

Choosing Your Prefered Airlines

The ideal airline ultimately depends on your priorities. Consider factors like:


If cost is your primary concern, Go First, and AirAsia India might be your go-to. For a balance between affordability and comfort, Indigo and SpiceJet offer good value. Premium flyers can indulge in the refined experience of Vistara or Air India.

Frequency and Timing

Air India dominates with its extensive schedule, while Go First caters to early risers. Choose airlines with convenient departure and arrival times that suit your itinerary.

Service and Comfort

Vistara and Indigo excel in service and onboard comfort, while AirAsia India prioritizes bare-bones efficiency. Consider your preference for legroom, in-flight meals, and entertainment options.


If on-time performance is crucial, Indigo and Go First generally fare better than Air India and SpiceJet.


Flight schedules and fares can change dynamically. Utilize aggregator websites and airline apps to compare prices and find the best deals in real time. With this comparative analysis as your guide, you can confidently navigate the Bangalore-Mumbai airline landscape and choose the carrier that best suits your needs and budget. So, buckle up, choose your chariot, and prepare to soar through the skies!

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