What Makes the Best Wireless Tattoo Machine?

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Wouldn’t it be great to opt for a cordless tattoo machine and free yourself of cables, clip cords, and immobility? Yet, the question “What Makes The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine” may cause you headaches without knowing where to start from.

Understand this concern; we are here to do all the legwork for you. Stay tuned to figure out features that make the cordless tattoo gun. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

What Makes The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine?

Battery range

The first thing you should take into consideration is the battery range, which includes battery lifespan, available operation time, and charging time.

To be more specific, operation capacity can be crucial as many big tattooing tasks require hours to complete. You will not want a low battery to disturb your work.

It is also necessary that a wireless machine has a short charging time and no bulky cord is required for the power supply. Otherwise, you can purchase more batteries to replace the low ones for uninterrupted work. 


A key reason for owning a high-priced cordless tattoo machine is the comfort and convenience it brings.

Make sure that the machine suits your style and speed. While a heavy pen can obstruct your tattooing and cause fatigue, a lightweight machine may lead to instability. So, if possible, go for a trial to test its weight, stability, and smooth level before purchasing.

It is hard to tell exactly which product would bring the best feeling as each tattoo artist has different satisfaction standards. However, a lightweight and ergonomic design normally ensure maximum efficiency and a comfortable experience.

Needle Compatibility

As you might know, manufacturers usually sell needles and tattoo machines separately. Moreover, most machines require a specific type of needle, so they are nearly incompatible with pairing with different needles.

The same goes for wireless tattoo machines. Some machines are installed with magnetic features to secure and operate their needles, which is why it would be a bit more challenging to find suitable tattoo equipment.

In this case, we highly recommend that you include a set of cartridge-compatible needles while purchasing a cordless machine.

Voltage Response

As cordless tattoo machines run on batteries, the machine power supply unit can be more adaptable and easy to use.

Still, please note that the battery may affect the appliance voltage. For example, low battery remaining can trim down the voltage and reduce productivity.

Therefore, besides choosing a product with enough power for your daily work, consider the voltage response feature. 

You must also consider the voltage adjustment. Most common machines allow you to adjust the voltage by replacing different calibrated batteries. However, this may cause some cross-contamination as well as extra overall weight.

You can then pay more for a high-quality wireless machine with stable, strong torque and buttons to adjust the desired voltage level. The tool will assure a smooth and nonstop inking.

Wireless Kit

Most tattoo equipment is sold as a complete kit, but you can still purchase separate parts depending on your demands. 

The kit includes basic tools such as battery packs, power supply, compatible needles, charging lines, and tattoo guns. 

It would be best if you choose to go for a complete kit. The higher cost you pay, the more functional the kit will be.

For instance, some best-selling kits offer all the essential tools you desire for a wonderful wireless tattooing work. 

These kits will not contain the basic tools and advanced features like a pen-style tattoo machine, which can serve you for many purposes, paired with quick charging and cartridge-compatible needles for better lining and shading.

Yet, the price is not very budget-friendly. So make sure that you choose the kit that will suit your needs first before considering the price. 

Warranty And Satisfaction Guarantee

As a wireless tattoo machine can cost you a budget, you should carefully consider its warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

If you do not have any buying experience for your very first tattoo machine, then a warranty would work to ensure you get completely satisfied with the purchase!

Most manufacturers would offer a risk-free 360 days warranty. Remember that warranty is voided if you drop or over lube your machine.

On the other hand, it would be a plus point if you purchase a product that offers low-cost repairs. Even after one year warranty, you will not have to spend much on repairing costs and pinch your pennies.

Safety Features

Not every wireless tattoo machine offers safety features, which is why you will surely have to pay more for this advance. However, the trade-off will not disappoint you.

If you are comfortably off, think about a wireless machine with a self-protection function. This technology will protect the product from high durability and stop working automatically when the motor goes over maximum load capacity. As a result, it will be durable and money-saving.

This may cost a fortune at first, but a self-protection wireless tattoo machine is surely a good option in the long run!

Pros And Cons Of A Wireless Tattoo Machine

A wireless tattoo machine has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is best to take everything into careful consideration to make the right decision:


  • Free of numerous cables, cords, and connections.
  • High portability and convenience to take the tattoo kit anywhere.
  • Fewer elements need sterilizing.
  • Reduce electric bill.


  • Risk of disruption due to low battery.
  • Need to spend more money on battery packs.
  • Fewer models compared to the traditional ones.

Final Thoughts

We bet that after our straight-to-point explanation, you have made it clear on“What Makes The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine?”.

Cordless tattoo machines have become more and more popular with further considerable development as well as new technologies. In order to purchase a suitable machine, please consider the product’s features such as the battery, voltage, kit, and safety carefully.

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