Use Open Source Software to Create Successful Commercial Products

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The software product market offers a massive range of software. Along with various other applications that can be used to set free, it is possible to use free programs.


 The first “freeware” appeared in 1982, a registered trademark of American programmer Andrew Flepleman for the communication program developed by him.

Free download:

1. Leaders.

2. The beta version of the programs.

3. Simplified analogs of complete packages.

4. Softwares that you can use to obtain additional resources.

Dignity Freeware One thing – no need to pay for money, the errors are a little bit more.

  • There is no frequent program update.
  • Lack of technical support.
  • Errors are possible during work.

Often, a business program using Windows has its own free analogs.

  •  Compressor (7-zip)
  • Working with FTP (Filezilla)
  • Audio players (Winamp)
  • Graphic Editors (GIMPSHOP)
  • Transcoders (MediaCoder)
  • Text editors (notepad ++)
  • Antivirus (Avast !, Cureit, AVZ)
  • Video players (VLC, Miro, Media Player Classic)
  • Office software (Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice)
  • Browsers (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome)

Generally, free windows applications are available online for download purposes at developer sites or on other sites offering services like java bitcoin libraries. Once you have finished downloading, archiving, installing the intended program on your computer, all directories and files are automatically generated on your computer. Free Android and iOS apps can be downloaded using PlayStore, AppStore, and from other markets available online.

However, while downloading such free programs, you run the risk of facing the effects of a Trojan. In such programs, developers include a shared package of other programs that can be automatically installed on your system when the entire package is installed. These programs are not always safe!

A unique place in the category of free programs, they occupy open source projects. Some of the above software like Mozilla Firefox, 7-Zip, FileZilla, Notebook ++, Miro, VLC, Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice Media Player Classic, gimpshop, and Google Chrome fall into this category.

Open Source

 Distributed source software (Microsoft Windows, MS Office – Proprietary Software) and open source (Open Source) software. Since 1984, the term “free software” indicates that the software is free, adaptable, using available source code, and redistributable.

Such programs are shared under the GNU GPL licenses and must meet the following requirements:

  1. There are no restrictions on the use of the software in specific areas of activity.
  2. The source code is incorporated with the executable module or can be easily sourced from an affordable source for free/reasonable price. The code must be legible.
  3. The updated version is valid under general conditions. In such programs, you are allowed to change the name, version number or completely update the program using java bitcoin and other available reusable libraries.
  4. The software is available for everyone.

Since 1998, with the introduction of “open source software” – with open-source software. Formally, all the free software can be read from an open-source. Assignment of open source programs for free, although it is not prohibited to use them for commercial purposes. Often, it covers the Apache 2.0 license. However, there are other options (for open source license, see).

Advantages of operating with open source projects:

  •  It provides good training material.
  • The features mentioned in the project are not prohibited in the application.
  • Dedicated errors can be easily resolved with the appropriate code for proper storage.
  • While compiling the program’s text, you can easily modify the changes and update them under dedicated applications.


  •  Additional directories must be signed on the Internet for the translation.
  • If you have a question regarding software usage, you should search the forums on the Internet for the answer.

The open-source concept is to improve the reliability and quality according to many users’ detection and error reporting. Moreover, open-source is constantly being tested by a massive number of developers.

Such kind of “Open Code” Technology has been widely implemented by massive companies like Google. For such kinds of projects, approx.200 (initially designed by Kubernetes and then under the control of Cloud Native Computing Foundation) are available on the Google open source portal. These resources not only contain the program code but also usage and support documentation. What a wide variety of code you can use openly without being judged – in the license, usually directly in the program’s text.

Apple, opening the source code for the Swift language, is trying to increase the application number available to Apple. The language’s current version is limited: you must purchase enabled acceleration for downloading the AppStore development. In addition, most of the essential information is published on the SWIFT.ORG  website and in the Github Cloud Storage. The swift edition can be easily specified under Linux.

Conditional free software

 There are various limitations to free distributed software:

  • During the working hours
  • With the number of starts
  • Depending on the functionality

Deadline limitations and number of starts, trial protection – special counters. As a functionality limitation, the software is provided by a demo version or a limited-service version. The developers insert the ad into the program code from time to time, making the package challenges. To get rid of such ad banners, you need to pay.

Examples of licensed shareware programs include:

  • WinRAR Archiver (30 days)
  • Antivirus NOD32 (30 days)

Acrobat reader is such an example of software that is limited by functionality. This program, the lower segment of the AdobeAcrobat package, only allows you to view PDF files. A complete version of Acrobat must be purchased for these types of files to work entirely.

Big developers provide free personal use for exploration. If they are intended for commercial purposes, a permit becomes essential.

For instance, Oracle allows you to download DBMS distribution and utilizes it to work with. However, the constraints of the volume of the array of data processed overlap. However, by studying the working principle in a database and testing the skill of written procedures. Such an option becomes very suitable with software.

However, downloading “sources” of open-source software – open source – must be willing to use certain costs. You don’t need to get a license. However, you need to pay for a developer who codes software based on a specific task.

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